How to Become an Uber Driver

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How to Become an Uber Driver

Like most disruptive technology brands, Uber remains extremely popular amongst its users whilst also emerging as a key target for activists and traditional taxi firms.

This is borne out by the fact that Uber boasts 40 million active monthly riders, as well as an army of drivers who are compelled to be engaging and offer exceptional customer service to their passengers.

But what exactly does it take to become an Uber driver? Here’s a breakdown of the steps that you have to take:

1. Meet Uber’s Requirements

Although you’re technically classed as being self-employed as an Uber driver, the brand will conduct a thorough background check when you make an application to work with them.

You’ll also need to meet a number of basic driver requirements, including being 21 years of age or older and boasting at least one year of driving experience (or three if you’re younger than 23).

It stands to reason that you’ll also need a valid driver’s license, whilst we’d also recommend that you invest in valid auto insurance that meets specific liability requirements.

You should also be able to provide proof of insurance and car registration, so that Uber can determine that you’re valid and legally permitted to drive.

2. Decide How and When you Want to Work

As a self-employed driver, you’ll be allowed to create your own working schedule and tailor the precise type of service that you want to offer.

In terms of the former, you’ll need to create a working schedule that suits your lifestyle, whilst noting that the vast majority of drivers prefer to capitalise on higher levels of traffic during weekends and rush hours.

You can also choose between offering basic transportation services to luxurious rides to high-end clientele, depending on the car that you own and whether or not this can be classed as a luxury vehicle.

Regardless of the car that you own, you’ll need to ensure that it meets Uber’s quality and safety standards. So, if you want to invest in a high-quality and reliable vehicle, you should check out established dealerships such as Peter Vardy.

3. Estimate your Likely Earnings and Tax Repayments

Remember, Uber drivers are self-employed and are therefore responsible for their own tax repayments, so you’ll need to have a clear understanding of your earnings and take-home pay each month.

This will ensure that you’re able to become a successful Uber driver and able to build a career under the banner of the brand.

There may be a little trial and error here, as you look to tailor your working hours and schedule in order to optimise your earning potential over time.