How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer

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With increasing health complication issues like heart attack, there is an increasing demand for personal fitness trainers. From this acutely rising demand, people have taken personal fitness training as a career opportunity. Many have ventured into this field as a money generating project. Many people are self employed in fitness. They enjoy their job as they take it as passion while helping others get fit.

But before you get into this opportunity, you must know what personal fitness trainers do. You must also prepare yourself to face a lot of challenges as you will be handling different types of people.

Here are some of the things that people love with this self-employment opportunity;

It is flexible. You can set your timetable on the hours that you are going to work and also the day. You can also change this career opportunity and be an instructor, fitness writer or even further your education in body fitness.

It is rewarding. You tend to get happy when you see your clients benefiting from what you give them. This encourages you to continue working harder.

Personal attention. In personal fitness, you deal with one client at a time depending on the situation of the client. You will get to know your client well and satisfy them fully.

Here are also things that you may not like about personal fitness training;

Uncertain income; most of the time, you will be working only in the evening and weekends. So, most of the time on weekdays, you will have fewer clients, and therefore, income becomes so uncertain.

Therefore, if you want to get self-employed in fitness, you must know that you are going to get ups and downs.

Here is a simple guide on how you can be a personal fitness trainer;

You should be skillful

You should know that you will be dealing with different types of clients. Some will be having injuries while some will be full of complaints. You should be skillful with them and know how to handle them individually. You should possess characteristics like patience, good listening, motivator, persistent and also have the skills to read your client’s mind.

The different types of clients that you will get every day will be having different extent of needs, and therefore they will need different quantities of pressure for them to achieve their goals. So, you need to be flexible. Monitor your clients closely and observe their response to different treatments. If they are not responding to it, be flexible and change your approach.

Get certification

If you’ve fully decided to go for personal fitness training, get a certification. Research for a certified certification institution and if you qualify in all the requirements, get your license and start operating.

Look for a job

You may want to be employed by big clubs, hospitals or commercial gyms for you to get experience or get to be known. If you don’t like being employed, you can start your own. The good thing is that the business is is not compulsory that you work from a particular place.


After working for some time, you will learn your strengths. Specialize in what you are best in. You can specialize in various fields like athletics, orthopedics, nutrition, weight management or even medical. You will realize that after specializing, you will have more to offer to your clients. You will be able to charge even more.

Start your business

After working for different institutions, you will learn different skills. You will know how to start and manage your business, where to get capital for your business and even how to sell your business.

Advertise yourself

After starting your business, you need to market your business. Use various social platforms like websites, Facebook, seminars and also referrals.

Improve your skills

You may need to update yourself on new skills. Go to school and training institutions. You can even attend fitness seminars.

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