How to add resale value to a property for profit

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As a real estate investor or property developer, or even as a one-and-done property investor, adding value to a home is an absolute must if you want to make a good profit margin on it. Because, while the house might increase in value naturally over time (and with inflation) you are really missing a trick if you don’t do everything in your power to maximise the potential of that home. While it could be tempting to just throw everything at the wall to see what sticks, there are certain features that, when added to a home, can add substantial value without setting you back a fortune.


Converting your loft into a brand new room can add up to 30% extra value to a property. Of course, this is an expensive and time-consuming job that might not be suitable in all homes (as it will depend on how much space you have available) but it’s definitely an addition worth exploring if it’s possible. The other two most popular conversions are garage and basement conversions. The former is going to be a more realistic proposition as basements are often naturally damp and uninviting but a garage conversion could bring the value of the home up substantially.


Extending the kitchen by knocking through and creating a kitchen/diner is a very popular option for those looking at immediate extension options. But for something a little less destructive, why not think about adding a conservatory to the rear of your home? Conservatories not only add an extra room to the house but offer something a little different and a space that can be used as anything from a lounge or dining room to a man cave or craft den.


Fitted furniture is a sign of a well-designed and modern home. It not only saves on space but has a sleek and clean look that is always going to entice potential buyers into spending a few extra pounds. This could be a sleek fitted kitchen or some wooden fitted wardrobes in the bedroom to bring the room together with more storage space.


Renovating the garden can help to add a surprising amount of value. Adding in living spaces and special extras like a hot tub could make a major difference to your property value and if you can make the garden feel special then it could be the USP that sells the house for you.


If you can remember back in the 70s and 80s when everybody had to have an avocado bathroom suite, you can appreciate just how quickly tastes change. Modern bathrooms have the potential to be a luxury room that really sets the property apart. Consider adding features such as a waterfall shower to provide the subtle details that can increase property value and make the property more desirable overall.