How Takeoff and Estimating Software Boosts Business

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Digital transformation is fast changing the way construction companies work. Building has always been a competitive industry, but with the move into the digital world, it’s become tougher than ever for trades to stay ahead. Takeoff and estimating software can help them gain a competitive edge and avoid getting left behind as the industry transforms.

Takeoff software helps contractors work out the number of materials and labour they need for a job and other factors that affect the scope of the project. The estimating systems work out the price of the materials and labour and then put together a digital bid using the information.

Saving time, saving money

So, how can estimating software boost productivity? Because team members put the bid together digitally, and not by hand, it cuts down on time it takes to get it done. It frees up resources, which saves the company money because they can use the time saved for other tasks.

Contractors that are looking for ways to improve productivity and cut costs say that Groundplan helps them do this by saving them days they’d otherwise have to spend on construction estimates. Estimating software also improves the accuracy of the tender because it takes the guesswork out of a bid and standardises work across the whole team.

Easy integration

Takeoff and estimating software are also really useful when it comes to collaborating on projects because your work can be integrated with other software solutions you use in your business, such as Excel. You’re able to streamline your workflow and avoid replicating data.

Flexible and fuss-free

The feedback from the construction industry is that Groundplan offers everything they want out of an estimator software package. Trades say the platform, which helps them create takeoffs on-screen, is the most versatile in the industry. It allows them to use an assembly exceptionally quickly. They can also move between tasks and working points, or work on multiple actions at the same time, which allows them to multitask and gives them flexibility. They also don’t have to worry about converting different files and downloads because it works with almost any file type.

Easy for everyone

Making a move to digital can be intimidating at first for those workers who are not comfortable working with computers and new software. But feedback from contractors is that Groundplan makes it really easy for their employees to shift to digital. It’s simple for them to form an estimate, even if they have limited computer experience or skills. The feedback from the industry is that they find it easy to work out how to use the program and get great support from customer service when they need it.

Those that are using the software also say that using the estimator programs free up a lot of their time to work on other tasks and it’s convenient because they can work on it from any computer as long as they have an Internet connection. When they’re working on a bid, the software allows contractors to include a planning process that’s rigorous and clear. This makes the proposal easier to execute on site for their workers too.

More benefits for builders

You’ll also save your business money because when you work digitally on estimates, you don’t have to worry about printing and storage cost any more. Everything is stored online and can be accessed wherever you’re working from.

There’s another benefit you get when you digitise the way you put your bids together. It makes customers feel more confident about your contracting business and the quality of work you offer. Click here to learn more about Groundplans estimating and takeoff software.

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