How SuperForex became the major broker in Africa

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The Forex market has been developing with a massive force, relentlessly spreading from one country to another. It began from the major financial centers in the USA then spread to the rest of Europe and America, inevitably coming to Asia and Africa.

SuperForex is a fintech company that launched its services back in 2015-2016. In the beginning of its development, they focused intensely on the financially forward nations around South-East Asia. Throughout the next three years, this company expanded its scope of services and local support to take over the trading communities in Asia, the Middle East, and now Africa as well.

The motivation behind why SuperForex has managed to accumulate a huge client in a short amount of time lies in the numerous benefits the company offers to its clients. At the beginning of its journey, this company did not have a big market share. Thanks to SuperForex great variety of services, amazing customer service, and ability to evolve. SuperForex had several distinct account types, each catered to a different style of trading. Whether you are an on-a-budget trader or a professional with years of experience, you will be able to match with accounts that work for everyone.

SuperForex’s number one position in the industry has been proven by the multiple awards they won. Most recently, the company was selected as the Best New ECN Broker in Africa in 2020 by Global Brands Magazine. SuperForex supports accounts in the South African rand (ZAR) and the Nigerian naira (NGN), as well as local currencies of Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and other countries.

Right now SuperForex has partnered up with local Forex mentors who will fill in as SuperForex representatives. They would team up to organize events to help SuperForex customers acquire a superior comprehension of how the Forex market functions and what strategies are most suited to bring them a profit.