How Geofences Unlock Powerful Business Insights

When any business tries to improve, they usually look at their current standards of work prior to checking what they’re going to improve. Having the information and the statistics available for what’s happening in the business is a little difficult to keep track of. You can’t manually keep track of every individual employee’s performance as you’d have to do it full-time in order to get accurate results.

That’s why businesses start to deploy different methods in order to gather information about what’s happening on the day-to-day basis and then find ways to optimize and improve the business. One of those methods is when the business deploys geofences, which is a GPS tracker that you can set around a certain location on the world map that then tracks any movement occurring in that location.

Here Are 4 Ways How Businesses Use It to Get Useful Statistics That Help Them Grow:

1. It Provides Super Accurate Data

Tracking every movement happening around your business site, like when your workers show up, when they leave for lunch breaks and how long they take during those breaks for is extremely valuable information to a business. The ability to track down movements happening on the worksite with such accuracy is what makes geofences so useful to businesses. The information received is instantaneous and very accurate as you’re able to double-check with hardcore evidence whenever required. You never have to depend on the timings that are said or stamped by your employees anymore as there’s a lot of room for human error to occur and for the information to be inaccurate. One important part of gathering information to turn it into useful data that can be used to benefit the company is to ensure that the information itself is extremely accurate.

2. Ability to Store Data & Records Automatically

Over time, after a while of deploying it, businesses can access the database where all the information was automatically stored in order to analyze it and see where the business needs to go from there. Removing the need for a person to sit there and jot down all the information on a daily basis and replacing that person with an automated system that tracks down and stores all of that information at an extremely precise and detailed level is why loads of businesses switched over to tracking over the information through using Geofences. When all the information that allows you to analyze and improve your business is constantly being tracked and is always available, you’ll find that it’s very easy to pinpoint where to go with your business from here. It also functions 24 hours a day, every single day of the week. So it’s guaranteed to give you better results than an employee hired to track all of that data.

3. Able to Provide Any Statistics Required on the Spot

If and when you’re ever met with someone questioning whether your workers are on a specific business site at a given moment, you’ll be able to provide them with the evidence to answer any questions they might have without any effort expended into calling to check or having to physically go to the site and find out. Wherever you are, whenever you are, the information is always a few clicks/taps away. You can even set it up to track how long specific trips take so that you can average out and perhaps check if there’s a way to improve efficiency. You’re pretty much able to know any information that you need regarding your worksite whenever you please. It also comes with additional features like tracking your company cars/trucks to report their locations and the distances they’ve traveled at any given time. So if you’re ever in need to give a report right away, you’ll always be prepared.

4. Tracks Devices That Entered The Vicinity

Remember when you were asked if you’d like to allow so-and-so app to access your location? Yeah, they’re using it too. That’s why, if you pass a certain store with your location enabled for their application, you’ll probably find an ad of theirs sent to you carrying their offers and whatnot. It’s used to track devices that access the surrounding area too, so you could gather information like how many people visit you on average during a certain weekday.

It’s no surprise that a lot of businesses use it to gather information that’ll help them see where their business is at and how they can improve. Studying and understanding your own business carefully is what can differentiate certain successful businesses from other less successful businesses who don’t put in as much effort to know themselves carefully. Not like it is any effort to set this thing up though, all you’d have to do is draw lines around where you want to track and voila.