How does a Turbo charger work?

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Most people only think of huge racing engines when the word ‘turbocharger is mentioned. This is a normal assumption considering these are the engines that need that high power performance. Turbochargers are normally associated with large diesel engines to increase the power without making any changes on the weight. Perhaps, that is the major benefits of turbochargers. No wonder they are so popular among many motor heads. They may the engine sound and perform more powerful which is necessary for high speed machines.

Getting your car to move faster is a lot easier than you may have ever thought. It only takes the knowledge of what you need to do and some creativity. With a turbocharger, all that is covered to give you a swift ride. And with internet technology, e-commerce platforms have made access to such parts quite easy. Simply identify a web-site that has the specifications you have and make your booking, it does not get any easier. Before you get there however, you will need to have a clue on how the turbo works. The goal here is make sure you get a high quality part since it is also easy to get fake ones.

The case of a standard engine

In order to understand how a turbocharger works in your engine, it is vital to know what happens in a normal engine. In such engines, everything depends on the air flow when it comes to performance. The more air the engine can take in, the more power it will generate. As the pistons move down, they draw in air into the cylinders. This downward movement of the pistons allows air to mix with fuel in a running engine. It is the resulting vapor that ignites to produce power for the engine. You can therefore the importance of having a clean air flow.

Normally, drivers associate acceleration with letting in more fuel. While there is some truth in that, since we know car engines need fuel to move, it is air that matters. Stepping on the acceleration pedal only allow more air to mix with fuel, hence, more power. You may have noticed that you save more fuel when driving faster. More vaporized fuel is ignited to generate the power since air flow is sufficient. This is one very important component that enhances the power output in your car.

To stay on the safe side, one must maintain the auto turbocharger in proper condition. If there are any leaks on the turbo, get them repaired as soon as possible. Apart from that, you need to use the proper synthetic oil since oil also affects the performance of the charger. If issues persist, you may need to change the turbo according to need.

How a turbo charger works

Basically, a car turbo charger is the mechanical component in vehicles that creates more power by allowing more air into the engine. The component is naturally exhaust driven. If you check it well, you will notice a pair of fan-like castings mounted on a common shaft. Two other important components, the turbine, which piped to the exhaust, and the compressor, which is piped towards the engine intake make it complete. As the exhaust spins in the inside, it makes the compressor to turn, blowing air into the engine more powerfully. The result is a higher power in the engines. It enables a larger amount of air to mix with fuel, producing more power.

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You should not confuse superchargers with turbochargers. Whereas turbochargers are exhaust driven, the superchargers uses mechanically driven engine using a belt or gears. It has its own advantages as well, like you won’t have to deal with turbo lag. However, it needs a hell lot of power to turn, meaning it does not gain power as good as the turbocharger. A turbo in good condition is very reliable.

Where can you get turbocharger parts in India?

As discussed above, internet technology is the hub of modern development. Now you can buy anything from anywhere in the world using e-commerce platforms. The way people used to buy automobile spares has completely changed. Boodmo spare experts offer a great advantage in sealing the gap between the seller and the consumer. It is a huge online catalogue where you can compare the price, check the design, efficiency and details as your car requires. There is no better way to get car parts as the most affordable cost than this.

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