How do teachers check for plagiarism?

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Tutors have it tough trying to keep the educational systems both fair and effective. One major contribution to this is plagiarism. A practice that’s common given the ease in which one can get content from the web. How do teachers check for plagiarism in a student’s papers? Here’s everything you need to know on how to go about uniqueness checking as a tutor.

The power of essays

Essay writing is a vital aspect of learning in all levels of education. It provides an avenue for students not just to express their views and suggestions on topics affecting the society, but also as a means of gaining or expanding knowledge through the research carried out. They also contribute a significant percentage to a student’s final grade and serve as a model for academic writing after college.

Why teachers check for plagiarism

Due to the important role essay writing plays in educational institutions and the pressure of achieving success, many students employ unethical methods when writing. The most common form being plagiarism, due to how easy it is to get content on any topic online. Teachers are left in a pickle, they need solutions to ensure that such practices aren’t rewarded nor go undetected.

The question here is “how do professors check for plagiarism?” Many students get caught plagiarizing in college through the help of plagiarism checkers. Originality checkers offer the best solution to curtail plagiarism and also ensure that the educational process is fair.

Plagiarism checkers for teachers

Though they are multiple resources for checking for plagiarism on the internet, not all are ideal for essays. And fewer of this elite software offer teachers the opportunity to check for plagiarism free of charge. Here are both paid and free online resources which help keep plagiarism in check.



The online resource poses a fancy and sophisticated UI that is quite alluring to the eye. The website provides multiple plans to individuals and organizations, therefore giving teachers the chance to select only the most effective price plans.

Plagiarism check can also be integrated with LMS making it a favorite for digital classrooms. Though LMS integration is dependent on the plan purchased. It also comes with multiple other features such as detailed analysis, multiple language supports, and many more.


  • Though the UI is fancy, it can be confusing for first-timers.
  • The free version has significantly lesser features when compared to the paid version.
  • Access to free features is limited



This online app offers an amazing UI as it’s both visually pleasing and easy to use. You can paste or upload your documents with multiple file formats supported as well. Checking for uniqueness isn’t the sole feature of Grammarly, the software also provides you with grammar errors as well as citations in MLA and APA format.


  • Plagiarism checking is only available on the paid version.
  • Not optimized for mobile use. For these, you would need to switch your mobile browser into desktop mode.
  • Integration support is limited only to MS Word.



This is a great free uniqueness checker for short content essays. Given that there isn’t a paid version, all features of this software are accessible. The UI is also nicely designed and simple to use by a tutor or student. Users have the option to either paste or upload their files, with a wide variety of formats supported ranging from doc to pdf. Upon performing a check, the website provides you with an analysis of your work. It also identifies the plagiarized contents and its sources, highlighting the former in red.


  • Users are limited to 1000 words per check, so long essays need to be split.
  • No integration.



The UI of this plagiarism checker is simple to understand. It provides you with a decent analysis that helps for citations. There isn’t a word limit on the paid version but the free version caps out at 500 words.


  • Check features are limited in the free version.
  • The free version is limited to only five checks in a month.
  • No integration.

Keeping essays plagiarism free is essential for educators, as every educational institution looks to instill not just academic knowledge but also knowledge of morals and character.