How Construction Companies Can Be Digitally COVID-19 Compliant

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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, construction companies had to shut down. After the shutdown, the industry had to figure out how to continue working while protecting workers from the virus.

Fortunately, digital technology allowed construction management to reduce face-to-face interaction while managing documents, tasks, and project progress.

How Construction Companies Became Digitally Covid-19 Compliant

By using the following methods, construction companies found digital ways to comply with Covid-19.

Using Remote Apps for Contractors

COVID compliance involves registering and onboarding contractors with remote apps. Contractors no longer have to complete paperwork with pens and paper. They can use contactless registration apps to complete documents and share certifications and identification.

The same apps let contractors and workers check in and out of worksites without having to touch the same devices. Instead, they can scan a QR code from a badge or a smartphone. The app adds up the workers’ hours to report back to the project manager.

Save Documents in the Cloud

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, construction sites were full of paperwork, and managers had to file it on site. Now, those documents are in the cloud, where project managers can access them at any site at any time.

The compliance apps let project managers know what workers and contractors have completed their compliance documents. The apps also give warnings when someone is not compliant.

Relying on Digital Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic forced construction companies to rely on digital communication. Workers, subcontractors, and managers can use the same apps to share information. Contactless communication allows managers to inform their workers if they are out of compliance or if any requirements have changed.

Check Credentials Online

On large construction sites, workers come and go. If a manager does not recognize a worker, they can scan the QR code on the worker’s hard hat or ID card. Then the manager can use a digital app to learn about the employee’s qualifications without having any close physical contact.

Approve Workers Before They Arrive

Construction managers need to maintain a safe environment for all of the workers at the site. With digital compliance apps, managers can do background checks and compliance checks to approve workers before they arrive on site. Digital apps remove all of the face-to-face interaction that can spread COVID-19.

Conduct Lessons Digitally

Most construction sites require safety training. Rather than putting a large group of employees into a classroom, construction management can conduct safety training through an online classroom. Workers can learn from the comfort of their homes and prove they are compliant by taking a quiz at the end of the course.

Digital compliance prevents spreading COVID-19 and helps streamline common construction paperwork by making it available on the cloud.


By utilizing these advanced methods, construction companies can shift their operations to a digital world, providing the safety necessary to combat the spread of Covid-19.