How Can You Become a Freelancer? Tips for a Novice

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With the era of economic downturns and consequently lack of lucrative jobs, home based business ideas are taking the world by the storm. Freelancers enjoy positive job prospects with flexible work schedules in a variety of niches. As a result, many people are migrating to the freelancing business. But, a handful of novice freelancers struggle to make it in the industry because of lack of strategies to succeed. This article unfolds the best tips relevant to the beginners in the freelancing industry.

How to run a business as a freelancer?

Being self-employed requires a dedicated person with a business acumen. To get into the freelancing environment is a challenging task hence many do not succeed as expected. This failure can be attributed to lack of information to tackle the industry. You may have a broad range of skills, but without the best strategy it may get harder to enter this fiercely competitive freelancing business. Below we highlight the best tricks you need to become a successful freelancer.

1). Choose your specialty

There are plenty of home based business ideas for freelancers. However, your success is subject to the specialty you choose. If it were you, who would you choose between a neurologist and a general practitioner? Of course, you would choose the specialist over a generalist. That’s the same scenario with freelancers.

As a novice freelancer, you might get tempted to try almost everything. This will impede your progress to your destiny. Potential clients prefer specialists over the master of all the trades. You may decide to be a marketing consultant, graphic designer, social media expert, SEO specialist, etc. This sets a strong base for your success.

2). Create your value proposition to increase your visibility

After selecting your specialty, the next step is to create your brand. Freelancing is a good business to start. However, it is highly competitive and to beat your competition you have to be strategic about creating your value proposition. This refers to your identity.

Choose the types of services you are expert in. If your niche is writing, note that there are many writing subfields such as blog writing, press release writing, business proposal, grant writing, and many more. These are specific services you may consider. Potential clients want a focused freelancer. Do not be all-over without a clear focus of what you offer.

It will also help if you create a strong social media profile that highlights your value proposition. Even a personal blog or website could be more helpful for this purpose. To increase visibility, you may opt for guest posting on high authority websites with lots of traffic. Send requests to website owners to link your website. On your personal blog, make sure you blog frequently. These strategies can increase the traffic of clients to your blog or website.


3). Craft a competitive portfolio

So far, niche choice and value proposition are checked. The next step should be about building your competitive portfolio. When hiring self-employed freelancers, clients oftentimes look for the work experience. A positive feedback from previous clients and portfolio serve as the best tool to demonstrate your expertise. Because you’re still new in the industry, you need a strong portfolio.

The portfolio should emphasize your people skills, relevant qualifications, and relevant experience even if it was voluntary work. Do not be afraid to offer pro bono services in exchange for positive testimonials. Your kindhearted clients would give such testimonials to give you a strong starting base.

4) Search for potential clients

When the above points are all accomplished, it’s time to search for potential clients. Freelancing needs someone good in research to uncover many opportunities. If you need research help, you may buy research paper in Canada about specific industries.

Make a list of potential clients to present your skills. This will narrow your options and thus increase your likelihood to grab one client. You may send a specific number of job requests on a daily basis to your targeted clients.

As you pitch your clients, beware of how you price your services. Bear in mind that clients can pay more for valuable skills. How you price should match the value of your skills. Make a research of how other freelancers are charging currently.

5). Keep improving your skills after landing your first job

Freelancing industry is not static. New skills are uncovered every day. Even if you have chosen your specialty, created your value proposition and eventually got the first job, you need to keep on improving your skills.

Wrap up!

All you need to become a freelancer is the strategy on how to stand above the crowd, grab clients, provide them quality work, get positive feedback, and continue improving your skills to get even more clients. Freelancing is one of the best home based business ideas that are evergreen.

An entry into this competitive environment needs someone with a strategic plan to outsmart the crowd. We are confident that by following these tips you will be able to succeed despite being new to the field.


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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.