How Businesses in Nigeria Benefited From WordPress Hosting

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With the rising need for businesses to be at the top of their game and keep up with the competition, options have been broadened for digital marketing. WordPress hosting has become so popular and businesses have learned that it can benefit their businesses make more money. Any business requires ways for marketing in order to get a wider market and new clients and this is no exception for businesses in Nigeria. Among many other ways of marketing, WordPress has proved to be quite effective and Nigerian businesses are reaping the benefits. As a matter of fact, a study carried out shows that quite a number of people have opted to have their own WordPress sites. Let’s now take a look at how businesses in Nigeria have benefited from WordPress hosting.

New Clients

Through WordPress hosting, business owners in Nigeria have been able to add to their list more clients as WordPress is universal. In this era, many people are opting to use the internet to do most of their business transactions. A business that is only physical and does not utilize the power that the internet provides is bound to fail. And because business owners in Nigeria have realized what owning a business really means, they are utilizing WordPress for great results. More clients for business mean more profit and popularity for the business. Having a website that is well managed attracts people who get to know your brand. This has a long-lasting effect and can even be recommended to other people. Many small businesses in Nigeria have actually grown to where they are because of great utilization of WordPress hosting over time.


A professionally designed website can be achieved with numerous WordPress themes without the help of a professional web designer. A professional web designer would need the payment for their skills. To minimize some of these expenses, WordPress utilizes themes that are inexpensive and easy to manage. Any business, even small businesses can use it, and business owners in Nigeria have taken advantage of this. A free account can be a great starting point, and you can also check out this package at JavaPipe for amazing deals on WordPress hosting. The amount of money to launch and maintain a website is little compared to that of employing professional website designers and coders. At some point, web developers and designers are involved, but this is when the need arises for the business, perhaps when it’s time to take the business to the next level and when requiring certain features.


As a business grows, a website can be customized to add taste to a brand. In Nigeria, business owners who use WordPress are gaining a lot of popularity and their products are now in demand. Customizing the design of their website has enabled their brands to shine and their scope of the market has risen considerably.

Simple and Easy to Manage

WordPress is user-friendly, just about anyone can be able to use it. With basic knowledge, it’s very easy to even build a website within a very short time. All that is required is supporting content and you are good to go. The simplicity of WordPress site has made it easier for business people to be in a position to post, manage and update relevant information for their businesses. Regularly being able to do this allows their clients to connect easily with the brand of these business owners. WordPress is an up to date technology, handy, and keeps up with world trends. Multimedia files can be uploaded and edited; no coding experience is really needed for this.


A business person can update and make any necessary changes to the website anytime and anywhere as long there is access to the internet. Mobile devices such as a smartphone can be carried around as someone attends to other activities. WordPress is mobile friendly and this is good news for business. With the variety of themes, changing them once in a while allows a site to appear and function according to the taste of the clients. Sometimes, business owners have a hard time updating their websites and they have to hire someone to do that. However, with WordPress, the business owner is at liberty of doing his/her own updates.


One of the safest platforms to run a business is on WordPress, but here is the thing; the internet is good yet vulnerable and often for businesses. This means that business owners need to take security measures seriously. Quite a number of websites use a common content management system and business people cannot help but wonder whether they are secure. Hackers are always on the move identifying loopholes and this is risky. To prevent attacks, WordPress regularly updates its software. The newest version, in fact, has automatic update features.

Businesses have come to trust WordPress as they take the safety and security of their users at heart. There are people who work behind the scenes to make sure that the websites are safe. These are the WordPress security managers who are highly qualified ensuring that cyber attacks are put to rest. They implement the best security measures by developing new technologies that guarantee complete safety. Whenever there are updates, WordPress notifies the website owner and this contributes to site safety. Knowing for a fact that the security of business owners is not at stake has allowed Nigerian business people to keep using WordPress hosting for their businesses.

High Ranking and Support

WordPress owns about 50% content management system of the world’s market share. It tops among the many websites that are there in the world. WordPress ranks high because it has a variety of tools and is frequently updated. With professionals and designers at WordPress, businesses stand a great chance of doing well and have in fact been doing great. Through the WordPress forums, business owners can troubleshoot their concerns which are worked on promptly. The WordPress team does a great job of making sure that businesses run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In conclusion, WordPress is well known for blogging than for carrying out business. With time, though, things have changed. WordPress has become a web content management system (CMS). To manage a website, WordPress hosting has changed the narrative. It has given business owners complete access to their websites and has become an important tool for them. Businesses worldwide and especially in Nigeria have benefited from it and it’s doing a fantastic job. As time goes and technology advances, WordPress will get better for users as developers are hired to enhance its effectiveness.


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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.