How a Shared Office Space Could Revolutionize Your Business

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Servcorp has been in the business of providing businesses with some of the best corporate fits outs for close to forty years. Their menu consists of a number of plans that can be customised to meet the needs of your business. In the past, the executive office and other serviced office plans met the needs of a growing business climate on the verge of change.

Well, change is here, and today’s businesses that operate in a climate that is fuelled by technology want office space that streamlines many of the functions of office work. The virtual office and coworking spaces through Servcorp are shared offices that provide workspace online and offline while in many cases giving their businesses a platform to network. Shared office space by Servcorp has not only contributed to revolutionising the modern office, but it can also revolutionise your office routine as well.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of shared office and how this flexible office solution can change how you do business for the better.

More Fluid Space

One major way that Servcorp shared space plan can influence the way you work is by breaking down the walls of the conventional office and providing your business (and its employees) space to freely roam. Without the barriers that usually accompany offices, people become more accessible to others. Whether working at the workspace stations or engaging with others in designated break areas, the office almost takes on a more relaxed vibe, even in the corporate setting, because the space is inviting to everyone.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Okay, not literally, but the Servcorp shared office plan allows businesses the chance to get the business of building relationships accomplished within the shared space. Because employees are accessible in the space, people are more likely to interact with each other throughout the day. Just in terms of creating a platform for social interaction, building relationships are so much easier in shared space than in any other office format with Servcorp.

Streamlining Business Affairs

The shared office through Servcorp has made leasing so much simpler. These leases are all-inclusive, so professionals only need worry about arriving to work. They do not have to worry about finding office furnishings nor do they have to worry about staffing an office. The office equipment is ready and available for them to use, and when billed at the end of the month, they receive one bill. Essentially, shared offices through Servcorp eliminate the extra tasks associated with leasing space.

Giving The Small Guy Access

More importantly, Servcorp has provided access to millions of small businesses around the world. In the United States, alone, their shared offices sit in some of the most affluent business districts in major cities. If a business were to lease space in places like Hong Kong or London, or worse yet, New York, rents in premium districts would price them out simply because the rents alone are the highest in the world, and we are not even including the costs associated with maintaining the space. Servcorp’s shared space plans can provide your small business with the chance to access these highly sought after locations, and in many cases, the costs for a shared office plan is a fraction of conventional offices in locations around the country.

Revolutionising Workspace

The quiet office space revolution that has transformed the modern office has really impacted the way we work. Servcorp has been at the helm of turning simple square footage into space that has a number of uses. Whether we are simply working, networking, collaborating or innovating, Servcorp’s shared space platform has been at the centre of it.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.