Health Insurance Facts that Every Small Business Owner Must Know of

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Small business owners work on a number of constraints. They do not have it all easy and neither do they have their plans laid out extensively before them.

Sometimes, they just have to trust their guts and go ahead with a project. Risks and challenges are parts of small businesses.

And these do not always play out in ways that benefit these small-scale businesses. There are a number of challenges that small business owners have to face.

And that is why it is important that they dig around a lot more than the larger fish in the ocean before going ahead with any move.

One of the most important decisions that small business owners might have to make is that of buying health insurance.

Small business owners must shop for options before they settle on any one plan. That will help them save a lot of money.

Plus, it might also help them land up with the best plan.2020 has been a nightmare in every way. And that is why it is crucial than ever to have a working health insurance plan.

Organizations of every scale are taking extra care in offering health insurance plans to their employees.

But the small business owners might have to put in some extra thought into the same.

To make the decision-making process easier, here is an article that sheds light on some details about health insurance.

Small business owners might want to have a look at these facts and make an educated call.

Getting Health Insurance for Small Businesses:

Small businesses might face their share of challenges when they start out to purchase a health insurance plan.

However, there are some elaborate steps through which organizations might have to go. These steps are necessary to prove that businesses are capable enough to keep the policy from lapsing.

And therefore, this might just add a bit of a roadblock for small business owners. However, there are several options too.


For the Ones Flying Solo with their Business

Independent business owners have the following options for health insurance.

The Individual Marketplace

With this plan, you can customize your health insurance plan and have premium tax credits. These tax credits shall depend on the income and location of your business.

You can go for this option among the many other options, or click here to understand more about health insurances.

Private Individual Plans

The second option for you to consider is the private individual plan. You shall find several health insurance carriers that sell this type of a plan to individuals.

You must be informed that you are not eligible to tax benefits and subsidies by the government under this plan.

The Trade Association Plan

The next option that you have is the Trade Association Plan.

According to this plan, you can get your hands on a group health insurance plan for your small business.

You would be pleasantly surprised to learn that this type also saves your money over the other type of plans.


The final option that you have is that of Medicare which can come handy for the seniors. However, your age and the taxes to Medicare will decide if you are eligible for this or not.

For Multi-Person Businesses

We have looked into the options that a one-person business has at its disposal.

And now we shall look at the options in health insurance available for a multi-person business.

Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement

The first option that you at your disposal is that of the Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement.

According to this plan, employers allot a specific amount every month to their employees for their healthcare.

For the amount to be reimbursed by the employers, employees must submit proof of the treatment or check-ups.

Small Business Health Insurance Programme

According to this health insurance plan, you must have 1-50 full-time working employees in the state of your small business. And these employees cannot be directly related to your family.

Plus, to avail this healthcare plan, at least 70 per cent of your employees must sign up.

Private Group Health Insurance Plan

This is similar to the Trade Association Plan. You can find several policy carriers selling their health insurance plans.

And this is not restricted by the size of the business. This, therefore, makes for an interesting plan to be considered.

The Amount that Small Business Owners Have to Pay for Health Insurance

The amount that small business owners must pay as premiums for health insurance depends on a number of factors.

The most important factors are those of the size of the business, the annual income of the business, and the premium at which the health insurance was taken in.

If small businesses are clear about these factors, they can decide better on which plan to opt for.


Is It Mandatory for Small Businesses to Provide Health Insurance?

We have come to the final and the most important segment of the article.

Most often than not, small business owners wonder if it is mandatory to provide health insurance to their employees.

The answer is, yes!

Things might have been a bit different if we were talking about a time before 2020.

But, now, with the ongoing health crisis, it is mandatory for organizations to offer health insurance.

If your business has more than 50 employees, it is compulsory for you to offer health insurance.

Also, your employees must work full-time in order to avail the health insurance plan. These are some of the technicalities that you must know if you have a small business.

These bits and pieces of information can help you save tons and make better decisions. Your employees would be risking a lot by working under such grave circumstances.

Therefore, it is mandatory that you take responsibility for their health too. And that is why it is important for you to be in the know.

The Bottom-Line:

The most important thing to consider at this point in time is that we are amidst a global pandemic. And we need health insurance policies now more than ever.

Be it a corporate health insurance policy or a personal one, it is essential to have at least one plan in place.

And small business owners have their own impediments to cross. Therefore, providing health insurance for their employees might be some sort of a challenge.

However, staying in the loop and being informed about all that transpires in this domain could be of great help.

Thus, go through the list of these facts and help spread the word to raise awareness.