Guest Posting Trends in 2020 and Beyond

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Guest Posting Trends in 2020 and Beyond

The importance of good content online cannot be undermined. Especially in today’s situations when customers turn to Google for any kind of information they require. This has led to brands considering content marketing as an important part of their campaign. Apart from the regular blogs on your own website guest posting is becoming a tool to gain maximum exposure. Here we discuss some prominent guest posting trends you got to see this year.

Long-form content

Google gives preference to long-form content and that too one which has covered all the aspects of the topic in a nutshell. This means that the customer would get all his information in one place without having to check here and there at multiple places. Similarly in guest posts, you need to write 1500 plus words at least in order to get some sort of ranking online. Guest post services know what kind of content is going to run this year and that is how they create it for you. SEOOutreachers plans your guest post strategies in a manner that creates valuable links for you and helps in your SEO efforts too.


When customers are in a hurry they look for an information piece that would give them all the snippets in one place. This is where an infographic appears to be useful. Apart from that, an infographic has data that is relevant and helpful in making any decision. The increasing popularity of this as a part of your guest post is making more and more brands trying to opt for it. However, when using infographics you have to ensure that you are giving genuine data as any wrong information can harm your reputation.


You want your customer base to realize the amount of knowledge you have about that particular topic. Creating a podcast is a rather simple way to do so. It keeps them engrossed as they just have to listen to your content instead of sitting in one place and reading it. Moreover, for guest posting the bloggers might be quite willing to accept podcasts as they know customers would give it a preference.


Videos about your main topic of the blog can be an interesting idea as well. Apart from that if the entire gist of a 2000-word blog can be mentioned in a 5-minute video people are definitely going to prefer the latter. As time progresses customers will keep becoming more impatient and they would want to watch videos rather than look for something big to read.

Interaction with customers

Customers want their voices to be heard too. If your guest blog has an option where they get a chance to give their inputs then be assured that they would take advantage of the same. Wherever you guest blog the blogger allows you a chance to add backlinks even if he is not letting you add comments to the blogs. So, at any point in time, the customers would come to your website and add their inputs expecting you to reply. If you are prompt enough to discuss their issues with them you can hope to get a fruitful association with them in the future.


As guest posting gains the favour of brands day by day the above-mentioned trends are going to act beneficially. If you are looking for someone to tackle this aspect of marketing for you it is best to consider SEOOutreachers. They have handled guest posting opportunities for many prominent brands and know just what is needed to give your brand the required attention. In the future, you would need their assistance and help in making guest posting campaigns of your brand highly successful.

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