How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Rapidly

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Are you feeling frustrated about how slowly your Instagram followers have been growing lately? Would you like to speed your growth up rapidly?

The importance of having great imagery continues to increase, so it really isn’t too surprising that in 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram for more than $1 billion. That purchase price looks cheap now, given how rapidly in size Instagram has grown since that time.

The following are five tips that can help you increase your Instagram presence.

1. Use Iconosquare To Improve Your Account Management

Iconosquare is a type of Instagram web-based management tool. It offers excellent analytics and provides a faster way for you to interact with lots of Instagram shared content simultaneously.

It allows you to view your Instagram photo feed, monitor it, and also engage with whatever comments are posted. If you get tons of comments, this is a faster way to interact with them instead of using a mobile app.

Good analytics options are also available, that can help you with analyzing whether or not your Instagram marketing efforts are actually working.

Iconosquare also has a contest component, which is a platform that you pay for.

Action: In order to build up your followers, it is critical to monitor your analytics so that you know what is working and what isn’t. You also need to stay on top of all of your comments. Iconosquare can help you with all of this.

Instamacro can also help to this end and puts the liking and following on automatic – it’s easy to use and one of the most highly acclaimed tools in this area.

2. Use Mobile Apps To Improve Your Images

On Instagram, there are filters you can apply to make your images look better. In addition, you can add text to photos or create text-based imagery, to help them stand out.

Wordswag is a handy mobile app that you can use to add text to your images.

Action: Think about using apps that can help you modify and create imagery that will capture the attention of your followers. Using apps like Wordswag can really help you.

3. Repost your community’s content

Your own content isn’t everything. It is also important to find good content that your community is posting and reshare it. Although Instagram doesn’t provide a convenient and easy way to do this, the Repost app does!

What the repost app does is add attribution automatically so you can properly reference the person who originally shared the content.

When you share good content from your community, it will result in people being more likely to want to share your content in exchange. You will also be finding quality content that you can provide your own community with for them to enjoy.

Action: Reposting the content of others is a great way to get attention when you mention the contributors when you share their content. To help out with this, get Repost set up.

4. Learn As Much As You Can From Your Competitors

Klear (which used to be called Twtrland) is a great analytics tools that lets you analyze other Instagram accounts.

The tool allows you to search for key influencers and potential competitors based on name, location or skill. From this list, choose a relevant account and then choose the tab in order to review the Instagram profile.

You get the following when using the Klear tool:

Overall analytics – How frequently your competitors are posting, what kinds of engagement are they receiving, and from what kinds of posts.

Photos posted – Your competitor’s most popular photos they have posted

Your competitor’s network – This allows you to see who has been interacting with your competitor the most. Those are great people for you to begin following and interacting with on a regular basis.

View analytics – Whenever you see someone interesting, click on the profile and then looks at the analytics for their account.

Action: Identify your top Instagram competitors and begin to analyze their accounts in order to find out what is working and not working for them. Test some of the things they are doing to find out if it will work for you as well.

5. Use Schedugram To Schedule Your Updates

Doing things in real time is nice. However, that isn’t always possible to do. Most likely you have followers from different parts of the world, and you might not be available at all times to send updates at the best times.

You can use Schedugram for scheduling your Instagram updates. Multiple accounts are also supported by Schedugram. So you can get updates scheduled for a couple of different accounts if that is something you want to do.


Sharing relevant and great content with your target audience is the most important thing you can do to build your followers.

If you would like to build your presence faster, think about using some of the apps and tools we discussed here.