Google Partner Certification: How to Pass on Your First Attempt

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Google Partner Certification: How to Pass in First Attempt?

Google Partners platform aids and assists individuals on their path to becoming a successful digital marketer by enabling them to sit for the Google AdWords and Analytics Certification exam and get certified for the same. If you are about to give an interview for any position in digital marketing and you have AdWords Certification present on your resume; you will be much ahead in the chances of landing the job in your kitty, as compared to the interview candidates who don’t have the certification.

Please note that for receiving that as of now there is six AdWords Certification exam which are AdWords fundamentals, search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, shopping advertising, and mobile advertising. As far as Google Analytics exam is concerned that is only one in number. As you might have guessed it is pretty tough to clear these examinations with a passing score of at least 80% and neither you are allowed to pause the exam nor you can return back to a previous question for reviewing your answers. Are you scared? Don’t be. We are not trying to scare you away from taking the examination. In fact, you can clear the exam with flying colors and achieve the certification for the same in your very first attempt. However, for that, you require keeping the following tips in your mind.

Tips to Crack Google AdWords Certification on Your Attempt

  • Gain Knowledge as to what exactly Google AdWords Examination is.

Before you begin to study for the exam, it is very essential that you know what exactly a Google AdWords Examination is and for what purpose you are giving the examination. Without knowing anything and blindly giving the AdWords exam will be like going to your Mathematics Board exam when you have studied Geography. You can well imagine the result in this case. It will be totally horrendous.

So, first of all, gain knowledge about the structure and format of the examination. Once you have the blueprint in your mind you can easily devise a studying strategy for the same.

  • Join a reputable AdWords Certification training

Many virtual academies provide online courses and help you get ready for AdWords Certification examination. Select a reputable one and you will be able to get a lot of guidance for the examination from the same.

  • Don’t forget to go through the Google’s exam study material

Google has offered both AdWords study material and Analytics study material. Don’t forget to study the same before heading on to sit for the certification exam. PDF versions are available for the same and Google has even put up videos to help you understand and learn the concepts visually. This is quite cool as the thing which we see visually, we tend to remember it for longer periods. Have you ever forgot the story of the movie which you have watched in the multiplex? Never!

Make your way through the Google Analytics Academy and you will get access to plenty of analytics courses which will, indeed, help you in clearing your concepts and gain a better understanding of the subject.

  • Utilize the Platforms

If you don’t use; you don’t learn. If you won’t drive a car you won’t learn how to drive. This holds true for Google AdWords Certification as well. If you have never utilized the AdWords and Analytics tool; you won’t have a clear understanding of how AdWords work and the importance behind them. Hence, go through the platforms, practice, garner points, learn and sit in the certification examination confidently.

  • Give Mock Tests

Many websites offer free as well as paid mock tests for Google AdWords certification. It goes without saying that appearing for a mock test will, certainly, help you to know what type of questions are asked and how they are asked in the actual examination. A lot of websites hosts practice questions as well for AdWords certification. Go through them all and gather as much knowledge as you can. We know its tough but in the end, all your endeavors will be paid off when you will have the certification in your hand in the very first attempt.

  • Give actual exam in a calm and quiet place

If you are giving your actual AdWords examination in a place where there is a lot of disturbance then forget you will clear the exam. It doesn’t matter how hard you have studied for the exam. The atmosphere of the place where you give the exam does matters. You know how quiet was the place where you sat down and gave your final examinations and got a degree. So, the same goes for this as well. Your dog is barking and your mom is calling you for food consistently and you are giving your AdWords Certification exam. We don’t think we need to say anything further on this.

  • Inculcate the habit of reading the question thoroughly

You speedily read a question and answer it immediately but then, after moving away from the question, you realize that the question meant something else. What you can do now? Nothing! You can’t go back and review your answer. Hence, read the question thoroughly before marking down the answer. This is extremely essential for AdWords examination as it contains a lot of trick questions. You can put up the correct answer only if you read the question thoroughly.


We understand that it, indeed, seems very arduous and demanding to prepare for Google AdWords Certification. But, believe us; you will, certainly, clear the exam and get the certification in your very first attempt if you study in an organized manner and keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind while preparing for the examination. Once you have AdWords Certification in your hand you move many steps closer to landing a dream job in the digital marketing industry as your certification will indicate that you have the required knowledge and expertise on AdWords and Analytics.