Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Is better?

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Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the first options that everyone considers when it comes to online advertising. These two methods are the most popular in the online environment and the ones that bring a website the largest number of leads.

It is pretty obvious why any online business needs to focus on online advertising. In order to reach the targeted public, any website must be correctly optimized for search engines and start building a brand awareness campaign. (P.S. We practice what we preach, at we spend over 2k per month on online ads.)

If you are trying to figure out which method is better for you, then you probably considered both of them.

When you have the budget, knowledge and time to manage both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns, the results are always the best. On the contrary, when you have to choose one of them, you must analyze your business’s needs and come to a conclusion that will bring you the conversions you need.

Let’s see why and when a Google Ads campaign is better for your business than Facebook Ads and the other way around.

Google Ads, a quick way to attract relevant traffic

There are plenty of factors that influence an advertiser’s decision to start a Google AdWords campaign. Among some of the most important are the following:

  • The campaigns can be set in the slightest detail
  • The ads are displayed on Google, on the search results pages
  • The advertisers have complete control over the budget
  • The ads are only displayed when specific keywords are being searched
  • The advertiser only pays when the ad is clicked
  • Google has 2.6 billion users every month and 180 billion searches
  • Google Ads has a potential reach of 90% of all users
  • Advertisers can use negative keywords when setting the ad preferences
  • Advertisers can set separate budgets for mobile and tablets display
  • Text ads can be optimized differently for iOS and Android devices
  • Google Ads is best for immediate sales

Although using Google Ads is extremely practical, especially when you need to attract relevant traffic fast, an extended budget is required to set a proper campaign. The average cost per click varies from $0.35 to $5, while the cost per thousand impressions is $2.75 on average.

Also, when setting a Google AdWords campaign, it is important to know how to use a variety of tools. The most important tool is the keyword planner that helps you find search volumes for particular keywords or keywords ideas, as well as to see how much you should bid on them to get the best results.

Generally, it is best to hire a data analyst and Google AdWords certified users that can help you save time and money.

Therefore, Google AdWords is an excellent choice if you are looking for fast results, such as sales. However, it requires a much larger budget than a Facebook Ads campaign.

Facebook Ads, great for brand awareness

Every single piece of information seems to appear on social media platforms these days. Facebook is one of the most popular channels where people can do more than to simply socialize. This platform has become a valuable source of information where businesses can build a good reputation and a lead brand awareness campaign.

Promoting a business on Facebook isn’t going to bring as many leads as Google AdWords, but it is better for businesses or individuals that want reach an audience with the same interests. In time, that audience can be transformed into customers.

  • Here are the main reasons why Facebook Ads is a good choice:
  • Facebook Ads can target audiences based on similar searches or activities
  • Advertisers can reach a public based on likes and actions
  • Facebook has 1.28 billion active users and 1 trillion page views each month
  • Facebook Ads have a potential reach of 43.8% of online users
  • Advertisers can optimize the ads for mobile devices
  • The average CPC is under $1, which means that it is cheaper than Google AdWords
  • The average cost per conversion is between $0.34 – $1.57
  • Facebook Ads can reach targeted audiences, just like Google AdWords
  • Facebook has access to personalized information and, therefore, can target a more relevant audience

Facebook Ads is great for start-ups, as well as for companies or individuals with an established reputation. It is a good sales channel, but it is better for brand awareness, connecting with the audience and it serves well the purpose of informing a targeted public regarding the goals, mission and services of a business.

An important thing that determines many advertisers to use Facebook Ads is the fact that little knowledge is required in order to set a proper campaign. The user interface is easy and comfortable to use, very intuitive and it only encompasses a few steps.

The fact that everyone can set a Facebook Ads campaign is a big advantage in the eyes of advertisers.

What will you choose?

As mentioned in the first part of this article, if you have the chance to use them both, do it. If not, you must set your priorities. If you are looking to sell your products and services quickly to a relevant audience, then Google AdWords is your best shot.

If, on the contrary, you need to connect with your audience, become popular in your field of activity and build a reputation, Facebook Ads is a good investment for you.

The financial factor can’t be ignored, either. Facebook Ads is much cheaper than Google Ads. No matter how low your bids are on Google Ads, you will reach to the conclusion that it is not worth your time and effort if your ad doesn’t appear on the first page of Google.

There are pros and cons to each of these campaigns, but they are both well-constructed and very useful on the long run. Learning how to set these kinds of campaigns will only make it easier for you to deal with more complicated advertising tasks in the future.

Trust us, if you started a business that is present in the online environment, then you have to get used to these things.

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