Infographic: GoDaddy Global Entrepreneurship Survey: Entrepreneurs Remain Resilient During Tough Times

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Infographic: GoDaddy Global Survey: Entrepreneurs Remain Resilient During COVID-19

Key findings of the survey, which spanned 10 countries between June 1 and 29, reveal:

  • 75% of very small businesses globally reported a fall-off in revenues
  • 36% of microbusinesses globally had to close down temporarily
  • 3% of respondents globally reported that they had to shut permanently
  • 71% of entrepreneurs globally expect to recover within a year
  • U.S. entrepreneurs were among the least likely to report a decline in revenues (66% to 75% globally) and were the most confident their businesses would thrive in the future (42% to 25%).

For more information, read the press release and blog post, and view the full survey findings deck.

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