GIS for retail business: How smart-maps and geographic analysis drive sales

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The business processes of a retailer, like market research and analysis, location selection, product promotion, sales, delivery, and sales management, are dependent on GIS analytics. The gis for retail business technology helps to optimize these business processes. Analysts who study and predict the market and consumer behavior get powerful research tools from sales mapping software.

The beauty and power of GIS for retail business is that it allows company analysts to consider many options, identify potential, assess the impact of various investments, identify market segments, identify trends in the business landscape. No other information technology has such a comprehensive analytical potential for working with spatial information, which is about 80% of all the data used by companies for research and analysis.

Make real-time decisions based on ever-changing data

Every sale transaction – no matter online or offline – occurs in specific locations that affect consumer habits and behavior. Sales mapping software tools make it clear why purchases are made exactly where they are made. Withy retail mapping, you’ll meet customer expectations faster, choose locations with high potential, and increase sales.

  • Find the best location: Sales mapping software makes identifying potentially attractive areas easy. It takes into account the position of competitors, traffic generators, consumers, and their habits, the convenience of warehouse location, and many other factors.
  • Find out where your customers live, work, and shop: Analyze socio-demographic and consumer data with a GIS map. GIS for retail business will help you make accurate decisions and simplify marketing campaigns and assortment planning.
  • Find out why purchases happen in this place: Retail mapping and geo-analytics help you choose the right marketing strategy and inventory.

Network Development and Location Selection

Retail mapping allows for quick access to data on existing and potential markets, sales forecasts in the selected locations. In retail, speed is everything. You need to assess the market situation quickly and learn what impact it will have on existing and potential stores. GIS for retail business allows retailers to use relevant information to make decisions about network optimization and market planning. And the ability to do this as quickly as possible will allow you to occupy a niche and leave competitors far behind.


Planning the optimal assortment at a given point of sale is the key to lasting success. Consumer preferences vary from location to location. Retailers must be sure that the proposed range of products meets the consumer needs in each store. With the help of socio-demographic data, as well as information about consumer behavior. GIS for retail business allows you to take merchandising in your company to a new level. In essence, the assortment and inventories will be planned much more accurately.

Business Intelligence

Search for trends and patterns in data on sales, customers, markets are as vital to any project’s success as breathing to human being’s survival. It is often difficult to understand how to gain new knowledge from big data. Smart retail mapping and analytics in GIS products simplify this process by allowing you to see hidden patterns and trends in sales data. GIS allows a business to know precisely where customers spend most of the time.


Get a complete picture of the work of each store in your distribution network with sales mapping software. For a successful business, you must always be aware of the operational activities of the distribution network. Managing it is much more effective if you put the current status of customers, products, events, and property on the map. Retail mapping allows you to see the full picture of activities both for a specific location and for the entire network as a whole.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.