Get The Best Web Hosting Service Of 2018!

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With the numerous options, we get online for free webhosting services it often becomes difficult to choose one. One disadvantage is that most of the sites do not provide a lot of features on the free version so that you pay an upgrade. But 000Webhost provides the best free web hosting services one can get in 2018. A lot of free service providers give you with a sub domain which is not at all good for your company. In this 21st century, there is nothing better than having a good website to carry on the business-related transactions.

List Of The Best Web Hosting Services

1. 000Webhost – completely free and easy to build website templates for beginners. provides its users with a complete ad-free popup blocked experience. A generous disk space of 1500mb along with data transfer of 100 GB every month this is the maximum any free hosting service can provide its users. Also, you can use MySQL and PHP to do the coding on their website, and it comes with free cPanel. If you have a small business and would like a website for that, then no need to pay for expensive domains immediately. 000Webhost offers a plethora of features to its free users including five mails is linked to the website so your function will be served. undoubtedly lies in the first place because of so many features for free.

2. Bytehost – the provider is US based and provides users with 50gbn bandwidth and 1 GB disk space. This is less compared to what 000Webhost provides. It is compatible with MYSQL and PHP so you can easily maintain the data lists you can also connect with their community. But everything provided is still lesser that 000Webhost so this should only be considered as a second option.

3. Awardspace – award space says that their servers run on electricity which is generated the wind. Users have the lesser bandwidth, but the good thing is that they have chat support for 24*7. So even if you run into trouble with your website, you can solve it in no time. They are good enough to be in the third position but still have a lot of fewer features than 000webhost.

000Webhost In Depth Review

000webshost proudly boasts an array of feature for its free users some of the features are –

• Easy website builder available so people with zero prior knowledge about website designing can also design at the attractive website for their company that too for free. The domain hosting is completely free.

• Admin panel is cPanel which is considered the best panel for web hosting among all the other options available.

• Uptime guarantee is 99.9% which is a lot we are getting.

• Supports MySQL and PHP so users can easily maintain their databases. Very few free web hosts provides its users with the benefit of PHP, 000webhost is one such free web hosting service.

• No ads or pop up. Only clean, and smooth website building and browsing.

• The bandwidth of 10 GB, so you use as much space as you want. The site does not lag or become slow. With the 1000mb disk space, you can upload a lot of videos and pictures on the site without worrying about it crashing down.

• Website installer works on one click. So no long tutorials are required by users.

• Website builder is completely free of cost so you can use any template to generate the site of your dreams

Bandwidth And Disk Space Huge – The 1 GB space on the disc and the 10 GB wide bandwidth is more than what we expect from free service providers. 000Webhost surpasses our expectations, and normal blogger can write over 500 blog posts with one free domain. You can even host two other sites while your domain gets parked in the free plan. This is advantageous for new businesspeople who do not want to shell out a lot of money for building a website immediately.

Instant Backup – You are handling with a lot of digital data on your free website, backing up the data regularly is always a good option to retrieve the data in case of any mishap. 000Webhost provides its users with instant backup every day. You can easily restore all of your data just by clicking once on the mouse. Use control panel and create instant backups for the website of your dreams. No other free webhosting providers give users the option to backup on a regular basis for free.

Ad Support – You can earn by running your ads on the free website that yu are using. Return without any investment means all the revenue is your profit. However, 000Webhost does not show you with any pop-ups or ads so that users get a smooth browsing experience. You can, on the other hand, use your own as on the free website that you created with the help of 000Webhost.

Email Support – It is highly important nowadays to have an email id which is related to the website of your company. 000webhost gives its users five free email accounts to access and use along with the website whenever they want. This increases the value of your company and makes you look all the more professional.

Php And Mysql Support – A lot of free web hosting services give its users false claim of PHP supported site. However, 000Webhost provides exactly what they state, and so you can use the GD library or use the mail () function to send your work-related mails. Their PH {P and MySQL version is also up to date, so you do not have a problem while handling the free website.

So undoubtedly it is clear that there is no better free web host in 2018 other that 000Webhost. With these amazing features, there are little or no cons about them. Their forum is always active, and so you get instant help with your site.