Formal Certification Does Wonders: Transcend Microsoft MS-200 Exam Using Practice Tests to Experience Them All

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Microsoft Thinks Beyond

There are many kids and entire families out there who depend on schools for their daily subsistence meals. But with recent school closures, these groups are forced to go without. At the same time, current pressing circumstances resulted in all of Microsoft cafés and food stores being shuttered indefinitely. The obvious reaction by Microsoft should have been to pull the plug on their food suppliers & catering services because these roles were now redundant. But Microsoft looked closer and was able to spot logic amidst all the fog. The bright light clicked. Instead of cutting ties, Microsoft MS-200 Practice Tests started repurposing all the food they were getting. With a team of 60-65 devoted volunteers, Microsoft began packaging and delivering nutritional food that growing children need to the doorsteps of the families affected. So far Microsoft has distributed 120,000 lunches and this number is scaling fast. Consequently, this brought relief to 1,300 of those foodservice employees associated with Microsoft as they were fortunate enough to retain their jobs & pay. This easily could have been a scene of the catastrophe, but Microsoft acknowledging the parts they play in community welfare acted in productive ways from which all reaped benefits.

Cert for Me?

And this is the same Microsoft that offers anyone willing, to take IT exams at different competency levels and attain valuable IT credentials. Messaging Administrators configure & manage public folders, mail flow, permissions, recipients, and mail protection for both cloud and on-premises business environments. They also manage client access, high availability, migration between platforms, and disaster recovery. If you happen to be one of them, then good news, Microsoft has just the credential you need: Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate. To obtain it, you need to overcome two exams — MS-200: Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform and MS-201: Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform. In brief, the syllabus for passing Certbolt MS-200 comprises learning about mail flow topology, recipients & devices, and about modern messaging frameworks. You can download a fully detailed pdf of the topics involved from the Microsoft website. On top of that, test MS-200 will include 40-60 tasks of different types with the time given of 150 minutes to finish them. The cost of this exam is USD 165. The rest of this article however, will explore the approaches you can take to flourishingly pass MS-200 assessment.

Overcoming MS-200

What’s going to make this dance incredible smooth for candidates is that Microsoft does a lot to make sure you have plenty of preparation options available so you can study in ways that are effective for you and at your own pace:

  • First let’s talk about this all-powerful section “learn” that offers a number of paths to follow and modules to choose. Something as crafty as this is usually conjured up in dreams. Type the topic you want in the search bar and you’ll hit resource wonderland. What you get is a thorough, step by step, easy to follow explanation of the topic you wish to study; inclusive of awesome examples & tips.
  • Microsoft even provides learners with a set of three instructor-led training courses for MS-200. The total duration of the entire training is six days and it aims to equip you with all the theoretical & practical skills needed to face test MS-200. The labs at the end of each course will build on your real-world problem-solving expertise. This option to prepare via courses might not be for everyone though, as one of the prerequisites to attend the classes is the need to have five years of IT experience.
  • Microsoft also has their official practice test for MS-200 packed with 18 questions on the ‘Managing Recipients & Devices’ section, 40 for ‘Mail Flow Topology’, and 52 on the ‘Modern Messaging Infrastructure’ part of the syllabus. Generally, Microsoft official practice tests are written by experts in the industry who collaborate to not only make the certification exams but also participate in the beta testing phase themselves to come up with the best ways to assess the skills measured, meaning quality content is always assured. There’s more. Before you actually buy the mock test for MS-200 you can take a free short demo version of it that replicates the exact testing atmosphere of MS-200, meaning you get to see what you’re paying for. However, even with all these perks, the cost of buying it is rather outrageous; needing to lay down around $109 for this pack of 110 questions. Basically, you’re spending a dollar per question!!!

Exam Dumps: Resourceful Alternative

Fear not. There is indeed a cheaper and just as effective substitute for the third option — Unlike Microsoft, offers learners not one but a whole collection of practice tests for MS-200; each containing questions from past sessions of the real assessment. When you open the mock tests from using the ETE Exam Simulator, this software will simulate the entire test environment of MS-200, from start to finish. Even if you purchase Exam-labs’s MS-200 Premium ETE File, you’re still getting more for less — 150 questions with expert-verified answers for only $49.99, less than half the price Microsoft charges.

Credentials Are Priceless

Messaging Administrators already earn an annual average of $68,288 as per PayScale. And if you’re one of them, then you need to hear this — Microsoft says that upon successfully sealing one of their certs, technical specialists have an instant leap in their salaries. It can become the drive for you to achieve the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate badge. Plus makes your undertaking easier as the Microsoft MS-200 test comes straight from their reliable & accurate practice tests, meaning it’s easier to pass. Don’t let this fantastic opportunity slip by. Start prepping today using these resources and get certified!

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