Infographic: Finding Success as a Brick and Click Business

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You can’t go more than a week without hearing about the death of brick and mortar or the fall of retail store. Sure, many businesses have found themselves in a tough spot since the rise of online sales, but many are thriving.

Still, there’s no denying the power of eCommerce. In 2021, it’s predicted that eCommerce will make up 17.5% of global retail sales. That’s a number that’s hard to ignore. That number has gotten the attention of many businesses looking to grow their sales, giving rise to brick and click stores.

What are Brick and Click Businesses?

Brick and click businesses, also called click and mortar, are businesses that have a physical store and an online presence. This online presence typically goes beyond having a site and blog, but involves having an actual eCommerce space where customers can make purchases.

This approach allows businesses to give people the in-store experience, as well as reach larger audience using an online shop. Their physical presence also allows them to provide a more complete customer journey, as they can give shoppers a personalized retail experience in store and also cater to their needs online.

In short, brick and click businesses are a well-rounded approach to business and branding.

Running a Brick and Click Business

Whether you have an online store or physical store, transitioning to a brick and click isn’t something you can do overnight. It takes some planning and strategy, but it is possible for businesses in either position. (Or businesses that haven’t started at all!)

To make your transition to brick and click easier, Fundera has created a helpful visual that will guide you through the process while also showing you some additional perks on brick and click. Follow this guide and you can have a healthy physical store and a thriving eCommerce space in no time!

Finding Success as a Brick and Click Business

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