Essentials for Any Office Worker

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Designing The Perfect Home Office

To make your working from home set-up as comfortable and effective as possible you are going to want to acquire a few gadgets and essentials to make sure that you are kitted out for this unprecedented time. Whilst it is never going to be the same as going into the office, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to create a class desk set-up from the comfort of your home. So whether you are still going into the office, planning your great return or working from home, we are going to look at some of the best essentials for any office worker.


You’re going to be on it all day everyday so it is one of your office’s most important features, so when browsing with suppliers like Office Reality, take your time. You need it to support you from the bottom and behind and there’s absolutely nothing worse than getting landed with a horribly uncomfortable chair. Getting a hold of an ergonomic chair which suits your needs is a must in any office environment. In terms of health, this is monumental. A bad chair can lead to crippling posture and morphing into Mr Burns. To solve this issue you want to be looking to sort yourself out with ergonomic specific office chairs which use their design to target specific areas of concern and address the weak areas. Despite being slightly pricey and large they will be a lifesaver when it comes to aligning yourself in the office. There’s no price too great for a straight back.

Laptop Stand

Particularly useful if you don’t use an office desktop PC, laptop stands are a fantastic office essential. They stop people hunching over their laptop, which tends to look nothing short of agony. If you continually lean over your laptops and hunch over your desk, the muscles in the neck and shoulders areas will undoubtedly seize and the longer it goes on the larger the issue with the muscles is. In addition to laptop stands elevating the laptop to avoid hunching, they also increase airflow which means you avoid any disruptions from overheating. These are great additions for at home office desks especially.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you are in the office or you are in your house working, eliminating distractions from others whether it be loud coworkers on phone calls, rowdy children who are bored of their schoolwork or to stop the background sounds of This Morning or Homes under the hammer. Noise cancelling headphones can allow you to focus on your work and get in the zone. You can opt for a pure noise-cancelling effect or play your favourite motivational playlist, but either way these are a great investment, essential for any office worker.

Coffee Station

It is the fuel that many thrive and survive on. Many cannot function without it and this means particularly when you are working from home or there are restrictions in place that stop you from purchasing a wee flat white on your commute, that you need to find another source of that glorious coffee caffeination. To solve this issue, the purchase of a coffee machine is an essential for any office worker. Particularly strong coffee stations which you can have right next to your desk are the machines made by Nespresso. Their pod feature means they are easy and quick, allowing you to make the most of your time on your coffee break – and importantly are much tastier than instant coffee which can sometimes taste a little bit like mud.


Kitting out your work desk with some cute little plants that either flower, smell nice or look nice can be a real morale booster during a long day of grafting. Not only do they make the space healthier but they make it more pretty and pleasant to be absorbed in. You can incorporate anything from spider plants which need watered a fair bit to wee cute cacti which don’t require much attention whatsoever. Whatever you choose, small manageable desk plants are an essential for any office worker.


With a little thought and ingenuity, alongside some financial investment you can transform your desk and place of work from a drab, miserable affair to a place where you enjoy being. By looking at some of these essentials for office workers both in the office and at home, you can kit yourself out and make your desk a great place to be.