Effective Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

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The advancements in modern technology paved the way for several possibilities in terms of marketing. Nowadays, there are already several digital channels that you can leverage on to promote your brand, gain a fair share of the market, and eventually generate positive revenue. As such, here are some effective digital marketing tips to boost your sales.

Spend time on SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. While you can explore and learn SEO techniques and strategies, it is highly recommended to seek the services of the experts when it comes to managing your site’s SEO for you. This is because the algorithms of search engines are constantly evolving over time and it does so at a very fast pace that it may be difficult for you to keep up sans the help of the seasoned SEO experts.

When your SEO technique is properly designed and implemented, your website will surely land on the first page, and even in the top spot of search engine results. Ranking higher than most of your competitors, there is a great chance that your site will have more visitors or more clicks. Rest assured that your site visitors are those searching for products and services in your niche because they are led to your site through the keywords they used in the search process. As a result, your site visitors have a great potential to be converted into paying customers, especially if they see that your products and services are indeed relevant to their needs. Once they do convert into paying customers, it follows that you will generate more sales and positive revenue.

SEO Elements

Generating more sales is the primary reason why you should spend time learning about SEO or enlisting the help of the professionals to help you. While keywords are considered as the main element of an effective SEO technique, keep in mind that backlinks, meta titles, and descriptions, social media pages, as well as online directories are also other elements that you should focus on. Remember these elements as you are updating the content of your site and in parallel to this, ensure that your site’s content is also updated regularly. Finally, make sure that your site is secured with a secure socket layer, or SSL because the algorithm of search engines now gives priority to sites that encrypt information to protect its users.

User-Friendly Website

Another thing that you should spend time on when it comes to crafting an effective SEO strategy is an intuitive and visually engaging website. The algorithms of search engines also look into the bounce rate of your site, which is the time that an average user stays engaged on your site during their visit. Thus, when users click on the link to your site but don’t even stay for more than a couple of seconds on their visit, then there is a great chance that you will be bounced off the top spot later on.

This is the reason why you need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate, even for users who are not technologically adept. It should also be responsive and load immediately, with a layout that is pleasing, rather than overwhelming the user. These factors will guarantee that your site visitors won’t bounce instantly, stay for a reasonable amount of time, and eventually convert into paying customers.

If necessary, you can enlist the services of professional web designers who will be able to develop a website that is not only intuitive and visually engaging but responsive even on mobile devices. You may also want to consider a live chat feature on your website to ensure that your potential clients will be able to reach you and that any customer query will be responded to promptly.

Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, is an efficient strategy to generate leads or get to know potential buyers. This is because in PPC, you only pay for the ad once it gets clicked by a user and there is a great chance that a user will only click the ad if they are interested in your product or service. You can use PPS in conjunction with SEO because PPC ads can be targeted towards users who searched for correlated keywords in the search engine. You can also use ad extensions, which allows you to make your ad bigger, with several links that can be clicked. Aside from this, there are still several strategies that you can incorporate in your PPC to ensure that your paid campaigns are worth every penny you spend.

Test a new channel

The first strategy that you can incorporate in your PPC ad is to test new channels and platforms. Look beyond the search engines and leverage on the strength of new channels, as well as social media platforms. For instance, aside from the most popular social media platforms, test Reddit and Quora as well because these avenues allow for more active engagement and interaction between its users.

Map out conversion actions

In building a PPC ad campaign, it is important to take note of the conversion action that is the most sensible for the funnel. Thus, make an inventory of your calls to action and make an analysis on where they fit into the buyer funnel to be able to customize your ad campaign according to this conversion action. For instance, for the buyer stage ‘awareness’, the call to action of your B2B funnel could be a video view, while your eCommerce funnel is a page visit. For the buyer stage ‘interest’, the call to action of your B2B funnel could be a website visit, while your eCommerce funnel is an ‘add to cart’. Once you consider what your customers find value with, you will be able to create a more targeted PPC ad campaign that can potentially increase your sales.

Use audiences in campaigns

Your campaigns can perform better if you leverage on audience targeting. You only need to head to the ‘audiences’ tab within the search campaign and select the ‘observation’ option in the ad group you prefer. After this, you will be able to see a more specific group of data that you can use for analysis, permitting you to adjust your bid modifiers according to your goals for each campaign.


SEM or search engine marketing is another way of working with search engine advertisements. Most search engine ad campaigns allow you to customize according to your business style and target market. For instance, you can incorporate graphic display ads or video ads, as well as text-based search ads or in-app mobile ads. Search engines even make it easier for you to localize your campaign and reach potential customers within your vicinity.

Leverage on Social Media

Over a recent couple of years, there are only a few people without a social media account on any platform. Leverage on this and market on social media. This is the perfect moment for you to create a social media account on different platforms to be able to reach out to a wider range of audiences.


The most important aspect of social media marketing strategy is the content that you will be posting on your account. There are several things that you can post including relevant blog posts, case studies, or even success stories relevant to your niche. The most important thing to note is to be able to post varied content that is useful for your potential customers.

Scheduling Tools

In order to capture the interest of your target market, it would be best to post your content when they are online. You can do this through automated scheduling tools that greatly help in posting content respective of the time zones of your target market. With automated scheduling tools, you are assured that your content is easily accessible to your target market, regardless of whether you are in different time zones.


You can also tap on some influencers to support your brand or business. Influencers need not be the popular celebrities we know about, rather, they are the ones with a huge number of following and a good track record in terms of promoting a product or a service. In order to find the best influencers for your brand, you may need to do a bit of research before reaching out to them.

Develop an Email Ad Campaign

Email marketing is perhaps one of the most effective means of being able to reach out to your potential customers and clients. It has been one of the earliest digital marketing strategies that were known to increase sales and conversion rates. This is because you can utilize an email ad campaign in conjunction with other digital marketing techniques such as adding social media icons in your mail for the recipient to be able to share the content as necessary for a referral rewards system for instance.

An email ad campaign proves to be beneficial in reaching out to new customers, as well as in keeping your existing clients loyal to your brand. Just keep in mind that your email content should be relevant to your target market to ensure that they will be more likely interested to open it. The recipient of your emails should be potential clients who are already filtered based on their buyer profiles and previous engagements with your brand or business.

Other Tips and Tricks

Display customer feedback and testimonial on your site

Consumers in this day and age are much smarter, such that they tend to research first before making a purchase. Part of their research is looking for what other previous buyers have to say. As such, your most satisfied customers will greatly help you in marketing your brand to new clients through their positive feedback displayed on your business page.

Create a sense of urgency

Another thing that you can do to gain a fair share of the market is to create a sense of urgency on your digital ads, particularly when it comes to the deals, discounts, and sales that you offer. Thus, it is important to create time-sensitive special offers, especially for limited edition products. For instance, you can offer free shipping or a special discount to the first ten or twenty customers that make a purchase of one of your newly launched products.

Simplify the checkout process

There are studies that show that the carts in eCommerce platforms are usually abandoned because of a complex checkout process. Thus, you will be able to boost your sales greatly if the checkout process on your site is fairly simple to understand for most of your buyers, regardless of whether they are techies or not. Eliminate unnecessary steps in the checkout process such as minimizing the fields they need to fill out in the forms. Reducing friction in your checkout process will greatly increase your conversion rate.

Provide payment options

Not all online shoppers possess a credit card, even if it is one of the most secure and effective ways of making digital purchases. Hence, consider offering other payment options such as wired or bank transfers, as well as digital wallets or money transfer platforms. With several payment options that your audience can choose from, they will not have a hard time making a purchase from your site because there will always be a suitable payment method for them upon checkout.

There are now numerous ways on how you can promote your business or brand through digital avenues. With SEO and AdWords, as well as social media management and ad campaigns, you will be able to reach a wider range of audiences in a specific demographic that is suitable for your business. This will ensure that the people reached by your ads are those who are highly probable to convert into paying customers. You can also venture out in email marketing, as well as different content strategies and outreach blogging because likewise, these are effective digital marketing strategies that can help you boost your sales.