Be a Digital Nomad: Travel the World and Make Money Online

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Digital Nomad

Digital nomads work and travel at the same time. They usually spend few hours a day online, earning their travel money, while the rest of the day is used for pure leisure. There’s not a single soul out there who wouldn’t like to live like this. Actually digital nomads use some of the most basic professional skills for earning money and most of them say that getting out from your comfort zone is the only important thing for becoming a full-time world traveler.

How to Start?

People have different reasons for following this lifestyle. Decision to become digital nomad usually comes after some big life event. Some people turned nomad after they lost their 9 to 5 job, others because of the divorce, but there are also people who realized the advantages of this way of living and decided to completely change their way of life out of a blue.

Tomislav Perko for example, was a successful stock broker in Croatia. Financial crisis of 2008 took his job away, and unlike other unlucky traders, he decided to hit the road and start his round the world journey. He was living on the $10 budget, visited 40 countries and traveled more than 25,000 miles by hitchhiking. Later he wrote two books, which became very popular in online traveling communities.

Not all people decide to travel by hitchhiking. Traveling by bicycle is also a very popular option. This way of traveling requires lot of dedication and an elaborate planning, but there are many digital nomads who travel this way and still have enough time to work and earn money for financing their adventures.

Which Job to Choose?

Writing is not the only professional skill that can pay for your travels. There are many different jobs digital nomads can do and some of the most common occupations of these adventurists are: photography, web and graphic design, translating, programming etc. Most digital nomads, as well as all other freelancers search for jobs on some of the popular freelance job boards like:


Professional skills can also be useful for getting free lodging or food at certain location. Many travelers stay at organic farms or voluntary camps around the world, and there are also  websites like:, and, which are based on work-for-lodging exchange.

Lukas Sommer, who is a web designer from Portugal, lived for a whole month on the wonderful island near Auckland in New Zealand, while building a website of local Community Recycling Network. This way he also lived in Leiden, Netherlands, while working for the Leiden University and visited some other amazing places.

Do I Need to Travel on the Budget?

Of course not! Only one part of digital nomads travel on the budget by: hitchhiking, cycling and with an extensive use of hospitality networks like: Couchsurfing, BeWelcome and Hot Showers. Others like Brian, check into regular styled hotels, and rent comfortable apartments in the cities that they visit. He also travels together with his family and they can afford traveling this way because Brian is into equity trading, which is often much more profitable than other regular freelance gigs. Some of the equities that can be traded by digital nomads are: stocks, bonds, currencies on Forex, etc. You can also trade binary options, and here you can find more info about them.

Digital nomads are adventurous people who use their time in the best possible way. Davor Rostuhar is an anthropologist and photographer. He travels the world and takes amazing shots of people, while trying to understand their view of life and happiness. He’s been to Papua, and visited some of the most secluded tribes in this country, like Korowai. Several years after that he watched Human Planet documentary on BBC and saw one of the tribesmen, with whom he shared some great moments, two years before the arrival of BBC crew. That’s how amazing the digital nomad life is!

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