5 Tips for Designing Holiday Marketing Promotions That Work

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holiday marketing promotions

Your holiday marketing should be getting into full swing now. This probably means you’re sending out special emails or promotional information regarding holiday specials or offers. To help give you that extra boost of success, here are some tips on how to design your holiday marketing promotions to get results:

Keep Your Target Customer In Mind
When designing your promotions, always keep in mind WHO the promotion should be targeted to. If you have high profile clients, you may want to skip the animated reindeer cartoon and stick to something a little more traditional. You should also think about this when you are crafting your specials and your marketing messages. Don’t set yourself up for failure at the beginning. Really take time to make sure this is an offer that your audience will actually want.

Make Sure Your Promotions Are Timely
Knowing your customer is the key to this tip. If you need to ship out a product, providing a “last minute” discount a few days before the holiday isn’t going to be helpful for them. Make sure the timing of your offer makes sense and is timed to get the best results possible. For instance, a downloadable gift product that you promote two days before Christmas would get an excellent response for people who waited until the last minute.

Make It Easy
Whatever it is you are trying to promote, make sure it’s easy for your customers or clients to take action. If they have to buy three other things just to receive a discount, you’re probably not going to see many additional sales as a result. If they need to enter their email address three times before they receive their free download, they may give up and feel frustrated about the entire process before ever receiving anything. Make sure you break down your promotion and the process of obtaining it into the simplest steps possible.

Make it Helpful
Let’s face it – your customers are going to be bombarded with offers this time of year. If your offer or promotion doesn’t help them in some way, they are going to overlook it. Make sure you are selling this benefit to them. Does your product offer a respite from the busy holiday crowds? Will your offer save them time or money? Think about what your customer needs most and market with that in mind.

Make it Shareable
The best marketing is the marketing you don’t have to do yourself. Always make sure there is a way for your customers to share your offer. For instance, you could provide a coupon they can email to friends or share on social media sites.

What are your holiday marketing plans? I’d love to talk with you about them. Join me in the comments section below!