Dealing With A Cataclysmic Accident

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Accidents are unpredictable. As much as we would like to refute the concept of serendipity and place our faith in hard work and conscious choices as the only forces that govern our lives, there is always a part that wants to believe that there is some super power working somewhere and charting the course of our lives. It makes things easier. If something goes haywire or does not pan out the way we had expected, we can always blame our ill luck. Therefore, when we find ourselves in an accident, the default human setting is to place blame on our fate. That way, we can always evade our moral conscience pricking against our soul. However, it must be acknowledged that sometimes, accidents are not in our control. Thus, tracing our steps back to the beginning of the article, it is time to rephrase the sentence a bit. Some accidents are unpredictable. So, what is it that we must do when such an unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance arise? Disaster management is a thing, and the quicker we learn how to react and manage such an unfortunate event, the better it is for us.

This article tries to provide an insight into what must be done, and what mustn’t when you find yourself in an accident, and how to go about the process of filing for motor insurance claims.

The Human Aspect:

The first step towards healing and recovery after a harrowing accident is to snap out of denial. Yes, the damage is already done, and now what you have to do is acknowledge the incident. The brakes might have failed, an animal might have thrown itself in front of your car, or you might have been slammed by a bike from behind. It was not up to you. Therefore, you must stop placing blame on yourself and do what needs to be done with immediate effect. Call an ambulance if someone has been hurt. It does not matter what grade a person’s injuries are; call an ambulance anyway. It is always advisable to get checked after being in an accident even if you haven’t been gravely injured. It is never easy to diagnose an internal injury, and precaution is always better than cure.

The next part could be quite challenging. If it is some other person who has been injured because of the accident that involved both the parties, you must make sure that the injured person is rushed to the hospital. You do not want blood on your hands, especially when the fault is not entirely your own. Seeking immediate medical intervention on time can save lives and manage a situation before it turns into something ugly. Of course, there will be legal repercussions, but all of that can be handled later. The cost of human life is greater than anything else on Earth.

Managing the Legalities:

The human cost of accidents is enormous, but other complications come along with it too. The legal repercussions must be handled with a calm demeanour, lest the situation could exacerbate and spiral beyond repairs.

File a Complaint-

The very first thing that you must do once you find yourself in an accident is to file a complaint immediately. This is not just to ensure that you have played your part as an honest citizen of the nation, and as an evidence of not being responsible for the accident, but to also file a claim for your motor insurance. A complaint is mandatory if you want the motor insurance to kick in and cover the expenses for damage reparations, especially if the damage is far too serious. It is also necessary if there is some kind of crime taking place in the scene. In a few cases, a complaint might not be essential if the insurance policy states so. However, it is still advisable to file a complaint and avoid unnecessary hassles.

Inform Your Insurer-

The second step would be to call up your insurer and report every detail cut down to the bone. Your insurer has the right to every information, and if you think that you can hide certain details to suit your convenience and get your hands on the coverage, you are only fooling yourself. Your insurer will always have the means to get down to the last detail and extract information that you thought you could do away with. Hiding information is the last thing that you should resort to, particularly if you want to come off clean with the insurance claim.

Keep the Documents Ready and Have Tangible Proof of the Accident-

If you are looking forward to claiming coverage for the damages, then you must keep all the insurance papers ready. The process can only begin once you send over the complete documents. The claim for the coverage shall be rejected at once if any glitch is found in your records, and you have to start all over again. The entire process of coverage claim is quite an arduous one, and it does no good to go through with it all over again. The link has brilliant pieces of information regarding the entire procedure of claiming your insurance coverage.

Also, clicking pictures of the site of accident might work in favour of you coming clean of legal implications. It could also serve as evidence of the accident to your insurer and the process of claiming the coverage could be carried out without impediments.

Accidents could be unforeseen, but the way you react to it and manage the disaster lies entirely upon you. There is no way to undo what has already been done. However, this is where your decision-making skills come into play. The choices you make while dealing with an onerous situation, which is cataclysmic in nature is what shall call the shots of your life.

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