Dealing With Perpetually Late Employees? Consider These 5 Tips to Remedy This Situation

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Being the owner of a business is no easy job. Keeping all of your employees happy and productive will require a lot of time and effort. There are a number of problems that can affect the productivity levels your business enjoys. One of the biggest problems you can face when it comes to employee productivity is excessive tardiness. If you have one or more employees that are always late, you have to think of how to resolve this issue. When trying to make sure employees are on time, you need to look at the big picture to see what alterations need to be made. Here are some of the things you can do to remedy issues with employee tardiness.

1. Simplifying Your Time and Attendance Processes

Before you are able to address situations involving employee tardiness, you need to evaluate the time and attendance programs you have in place. If the software you are currently using is inaccurate or even hard to use, it can lead to a number of problems. If you feel as if your current attendance and time software is not working like it should, it may be time to make an upgrade. You need to make sure the tardiness issues you are seeing aren’t being caused by system errors. Once you take this out of the equation, you can get a handle on what your actual problem is.

2. Make Some Adjustments to the Schedule

There will be times when the employee tardiness issues you are facing will be caused by incorrect scheduling. If you have an employee that is always late, you may want to think about changing up your scheduling. Making an employee come in at 8 in the morning when you know he has to drop his kids off at school around that time is a recipe for disaster. Getting to know your employees and their needs is a great way to find and fix issues with scheduling. Keeping a high degree of flexibility when it comes to scheduling is a great way to avoid issues down the road.

3. The Hard-Nosed Approach

If you have tried everything to get an employee to show up on time and still are not having success, you may want to think about docking their pay. Having a penalty in place for excessive tardiness will help you put an end to this problem. While it may be hard to take a hard-nosed approach to these types of problems, it is usually essential to get things back on track. Letting employees know that there will be consequences for these types of problems will help you avoid lower productivity levels as a result of team members being late constantly.

4. Offer Rewards For Employees Who Are On Time

In some cases, offering a reward for employees who are on time everyday is a great way to motivate the whole team. If employees who are late all of the time see others getting rewarded for being on time, it will usually be what they need to get back on track. Something as simple as an extended lunch is usually motivation enough for employees.

5. Meet with Employees Who Are Always Tardy

Scheduling a face to face meeting with an employee who is late all of the time is a great way to find out more about why this problem is occurring. If there is a problem with scheduling, then the employee will usually be able to let you know what their issue is. By talking face to face, you can avoid making assumptions about why a particular employee is tardy constantly. You need to clearly define the negative consequences that will arise if an employee continues to be late. Giving them this information is essential and a great way to let them know where you stand on this issue.

Finding the right time and attendance software is essential when trying to maximize the productivity levels your business has.