CTV/OTT Expansion: How Publishers Enter the Market?

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The digital video streaming industry has been booming in recent years. Leading tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and others have stormed into the market and are actively competing for their share. Despite the major part of the market is “booked”, there is more than enough room for other players. Hence, newcomers are constantly reinforcing competition pressure.

Meanwhile, traditional pay-TV channels are taking a look at this opportunity and also considering the steps on the way to join the digital dimension. The reason is simple: Millennials and Centennials who are the biggest demography in the world as of 2020, prefer this model of TV consumption. Moreover, baby boomers who are the main cable TV subscribers, gradually shift to CTV & OTT too.

At this point, broadcasting channels are developing their applications for streaming services to comply with new market realities. In this way, they can capture cord cutters and cord nevers, and offer their existing audience migration to a digital service. Although the streaming industry is quite sophisticated and involves complicated technologies, it’s attainable for all-sized publishers.

For instance, any regional TV channel, like a regional sports channel, can easily monetize its content with advertising. With the help of ad platforms for publishers like TheViewPoint, there is no need to search for advertisers, and there’s only the need to choose from the list of partners that the platform offers.


SaaS tech platforms provide publishers with a stack to generate revenue with ads on their channels. However, different providers possess different features and values. TheViewPoint platform embraces the capabilities and tools that are easy to use and don’t require any special technical knowledge. The main pivots are:

  • Inventory optimization — as a publisher, you always get the highest price for the ad spot. All you need to do is just to set the preferences like bid-floor rate and pool of the partners you are willing to sell the impression to. Next, smart algorithms will proceed the settings and match publisher’s offer with the best advertiser’s request.
  • Transparency — the platform links publishers and advertisers directly which is why any hidden and opaque commissions of middlemen are absent.
  • Demand guarantee — TheViewPoint has its own extensive network of verified advertisers, so any publisher can find a brand by the category that will organically match with the content.

Seamless integration — this is a plug-and-play approach that allows new users to start work instantly. No additional installations or configurations are needed. Once you decided to sell inventory with this SaaS service, all the necessary toolsets are at your disposal.

How to Get Started?

TheViewPoint made it as easy as possible for users to start work in the system. First of all, if you’re just thinking of using the platform, you can request a demo at the website and one of our representatives will show you all the options and deliverables of the service.

Once you came up to a decision to get started, just contact with TheViewPoint so our team will onboard you and take care of the whole integration procedure.

Now, you’re ready to yield the revenue. All you need to do is just to define partners that fit your channel best and to choose creative format. TheViewPoint creatives library embraces all popular interactive formats, so you can satisfy an advertiser’s impression request whatever it is.

And finally, track your results with the help of comprehensive analytical tools. Analyze what (type of creative), where (ad placement) and when (daytime) works most efficiently. Use the information to create your own data-based strategy.

Wrapping Up

Today, publishers have multiple choices on how to promote their content and sequently monetize it. Connected TV is a relatively young advertising channel but it has already attracted advertisers’ and publishers’ attention. As for the latter, regardless of the size, they can efficiently release the inventory via cost-affordable SaaS tech platforms. It’s predicted that advertisers will increase ad budgets for the CTV channel within the next years. Hence, more and more publishers are joining the digital television and their number is expecting to grow.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.