The “5 Guys” Fries Trick That Will Blow Your Mind (And Sales!)

Five Guys
For the past year or so, my family and I have been enjoying the occasional meal at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. If you haven’t heard of the chain yet, don’t worry, you will. An east coast phenomenon consistently ranked among the top burger places by fans and publications alike, 5 Guys is growing like mad by offering delicious, affordable hand made patties (any way you want them), shakes and sodas, and a very generous portion of fries.While everything is delicious, it is that fries thing that I want to talk about for a moment.

Customers appreciate getting extra value for the same price…

5 Guys does such an amazing thing, such a cool little business trick, that I didn’t catch on until I really thought about it recently. And once I thought about it, I saw what a great idea it is for the rest of us. You may also like: 5 Frugal Tips for Marketing Your New Small Business

Here’s what they do: When you order some fries from the counter, the server dutifully takes their little paper fries bucket, fills it up, and then puts it in a paper bag. Then they take an even bigger scoop of fries and dump it into the bag, on top of the regular order. I always think, and my kids always say, “I can’t believe how many extra fries we get!”

And then it finally dawned on me, we don’t really get any extra fries at all, do we?

The genius of this little show is that for all intents and purposes, it looks and feels like we get extra fries, that the guys and gals at 5 Guys are being cool and generous, but upon a little post-carb reflection the truth is that they planned on giving that amount of fries out anyway, and budget for that. But they package it in such a clever way that you think you are getting this great deal, this something for nothing.

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People love getting a deal. We love saving money. And we like to think we are that special customer worthy of the extra fries. Does it cost 5 Guys anything extra? No way. Does it build goodwill? You bet.

It’s a great lesson for all of us.

Examples of how you might incorporate this little magic trick into your business:

  • When I practiced law, lawyer friends routinely offered “free consultations.” And it was free. If the lawyer didn’t’ get the gig, the potential client got a free half hour of advice. And for the lawyer, it was, either way, a marketing write-off. But it sure did bring in business.
  • You can, like 5 Guys, offer something for sale and throw in something extra at the end; just be sure you take into account that extra something when you price it in the first place.

And even beyond that, it behooves us to simply remember the psychology of the extra fries trick: Customers appreciate getting extra value for the same price. For instance, I do a podcast for a client and recently told them that I would like to give them the show for free for a month at the end of the contract, as a way to say thank you (and of course, hopefully as an incentive to get them to re-up for another year.)

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Value added: It doesn’t cost, it pays.


  1. The way 5 guys serves fries makes me want to punch someone in the face. First of all, given how much they charge for the fries, I would expect to get that much, but more importantly, I hate dealing with the grease-soaked bag. Like I want to get grease all over my car. Also the fries that aren’t in the cup go cold much faster.

  2. We try on clothes before we buy, love the samples at the grocery and specialty (wine) stores and look for discounts and coupons. Offering potential customers a sample of the great service you provide will often tip the buying decision in your favor.

  3. I live in the northern Va area where 5 guys started. It was such a treat when you were able to go there. Over the years it has lost its luster. Like most any business, as it grows and franchises it looses it’s niche. What was once a great burger at a price I was willing to pay, it is no more. Extra fries or not, it is in no way worth $8. I paid over $10 for a bacon cheeseburger and a soda…..never again! You can go to Wendy’s and get a mediocre burger for less, and not throw away over half the fries.

  4. they don’t do that anymore…it is a teeny cup and if you are lucky you get a few extra…oh and the price doubled….

    • Not true. I ate at five guys yesterday and they filled the cup up then put a ton of extra fries on top of that. So it may be the particular five guys you ate at. It was all delicious.

  5. Doesn’t matter, Five Guys sucks. Bland burgers, bland fries. Over-priced.

    You can talk all day about handmade and natural, but if the food has no taste it’s a waste of time.

  6. Explaining the trick with the fries does not explain why the rest of their food is in a price bracket all their own (above the rest). I am NOT comparing them to “fast food” places such as McD, BK, and Wendy’s. I’m comparing them to others in their food quality and price category (not necessarily burger places) like Moe’s, Chipotle, Panera, Panda, etc. Realistically they are in the same range as a half dozen “mexican grills”. But I cannot think of ANY other burger and hot dog places in their category. They really have NO competition. So you would think that would allow them to lower their prices by $2 or more (for the average meal). Burgers at Casual Dining restaurants (different category) such as Texas Roadhouse, Outback, Red Robin, Applebee’s, Chili’s, TGIF, Ruby Tuesday, etc. are actually CHEAPER than Five Guys! So what exactly do you get for your $10-15 meal? A really plain looking eating atmosphere, cheerful-to-the-point-of-obnoxious employees, and a shitful of extra fries that you really can’t eat (referring to the smaller size order) and end up in the garbage. I’d rather sit down in a nice restaurant and pay $2-4 less for my meal. The only thing that makes it the same price (at checkout time) is the tip for the wait staff. Sure I like their food. But the only reason I go to Five Guys is because NO ONE ELSE (from Charlotte, NC all the way to Tampa, FL) has hot dogs! If it weren’t for that, I would never eat there.

  7. Affordable hand-made patties? Are you kidding. 5 Guys is a very expensive burger joint no mattter how many fries you get. The peanuts don’t even make up for the highly priced hamburgers. Are you a relative or one of the five?

  8. I had a friend with a burger shop. He would load up on the fries. One day I asked him why he essentially gave away so many fries. His answer, they are cheap and people talk about getting so many fries, and it drives return business. Ok, then.

  9. Well I have eaten at several 5 Guys and truth be told there isn’t anything spectacular about their fries and many places have all you can eat fries.Their burgers are okay too but not the best.

  10. Are grown ups actually debating the goodness of a burger chain versus another? Any of you ever had a good 24 oz. bone-in rib eye at Three Forks or Del Frisco’s Double Eagle. That is how you eat beef. A burger is a burger and they are usually all good if they have enough grease, BACON, and then more bacon. Fries are only there to deliver ketchup to my face in mass quantity.

  11. We go for the taste of a real burger and the nuts, never the fries as all those fries are not health. Just ask Bltz Krig the Cardiologist. I will smack the 5 guys for giving my kids a bucket of fries.

  12. Actually, according to a local 5 Guys manager, 5 Guys has to clear each store daily of its fresh potatoes for the daily shipments they receive. That is why they give out the extra fries.

  13. Did I say there food was like the other restaurants mentioned or did I say that they are in the same category – fast food. You get a clue. Morons like you need to learn to read before they open their mouth.

    • You said “typical burger, fries and soda.” You did NOT say fast food. But, hey, when faced with facts that are blatantly incorrect, just resort to personal attacks. The fact that you’re commenting in response to a remark THREE MONTHS AGO speaks volumes.

      • It’s absolutely a typical burger. It has a bun, patty and condiments. There is nothing special about it. Nothing to make it any different than a hamburger you get at McDonald’s or Burger King or Chili’s or TGI Fridays or Fuddruckers. The timeline for my response says nothing, so stop desperately trying to argue your point with points that aren’t relevant.

        • My point is fact; yours is ignorance and/or stupidity. To compare a Five Guys burger to McDonald’s, Burger King, Fuddruckers or any other fast-food restaurant couldn’t be more inaccurate.

          • So then what should I compare it to? Disliking a burger isn’t an example of ignorance or stupidity, but rabid fans like yourself who cannot accept that opinions differ certain are showing their stupidity. Five Guys is a an “average”, “typical”, fast food hamburger. It’s nothing special. Five Guys isn’t in some special class all by itself. Their competition is other fast food chains like Jack In The Box, Wendy’s, Sonic, Burger King, McDonald’s, In-N-Out, etc. You just refuse to accept that Five Guys is fast food and that’s who their competitors are. It’s nice to see that rapid fans like yourself are willing to be ripped off for mediocre food. Makes me want to start a business to rip people like yourself off since apparently it’s that simple.

          • It’s fine to dislike it; it’s inappropriate to compare it to something that it’s nothing like – which is what my disagreement with your statements has been the entire time. You’re wrong about their competition, and you’re wrong about the quality of the food.

          • They compete with restaurants like Red Robin. People go there when they want a good quality burger, they go to McDonalds when they want a cheap and fast burger but I can’t ever think of a time where I suggested 5 Guys and someone rebutted with lets hit McD’s instead.

          • Wow…zombie thread incoming. Anyone that responds to a forum post that old is purely a troll and not worth the time debating. You are dismissed miscreant. Slither off back to the COD forums.

  14. I am right in the heart of the warzone… where two territories, East and West coast, duke it out for supremacy…

    I live in Arizona, and I have both a 5 Guys and an In an Out nearby.

    I like 5 guys, I really do… their fries might be better than In and Out I think…. but their burgers aren’t better, just more options and a LOT more expensive. I somehow end up paying about twice as much at 5 Guys as at In and Out.

    As a result, I don’t eat there often, and am not impressed by the ‘free fries’

  15. We’ve got 2 or 3, 5 Guys in my neck of the woods. Went once. For the prices they charge, I can go to a locally owned non-fast food restaurant and get a great 28 day aged Steak Burger and fries and drink for less money.

    Same goes for Red Robin. Great burgers, but it’s a fast food burger. Why pay a high price for that? It’s still fast food.

    The only reason you go to a fast food joint is that you can get cheap food fast. Most of the time anyway.

  16. There’s all sorts of tricks fast food chains do to make you think yer getting a deal.

    One thing I do sometimes when I’m getting a burger and fries is to ask for no salt on my fries. Since most places dump their fries into a bin and salt them before giving them out to the next customer, the fries you get might be old and hard. When you ask for no salt, they have to make you a fresh batch to fill your order.

    One thing that continues to amaze me to no end is how Sonic, having been around for decades, still hasn’t figured out how to cook fries. They have deep fryers with timers, but every single time I go to Sonic the fries are either undercooked, overcooked and almost always cold. It’s the same with their tater tots and onion rings.

    Although I love their burgers, it’s one of the main reasons I rarely go to a Sonic Drive-In anymore. They don’t seem to care. As long as they’re making a profit, they don’t care what they give customers.

  17. Ummmm…. they give you a lot more fries (which are relatively cheap) than any corresponding chain. I know they are budgeting for that, but they still do give a lot of fries. Of course you aren’t getting “extra”, but you get way more and better fries than you do at any other chain restaurant I can think of. You also get the peanuts if you want them. I like five guys because their food is better than the vast majority of chains and it is pretty much the only chain where I know not to get two patties because I’m getting other food. That is a good combination. If you want to eat at McDonalds or something like that the food is still pretty good tasting and is definitely cheaper, but a five guys, a chipotle, or a panera give you a much better quality of food and still fill you up.

  18. Yes guys….it is not a typical burger. The normal burger chain stores cannot touch the quality of 5 Guys. It is apparent that you have not eaten there or just don’t appreciate the fact that a burger can be a burger…or it can be a meal. Calling 5 Guys a “typical burger joint” is like calling Aston Martin a “typical car company”.

    • I have eaten there and I thought the burger was average, but the stake in the deal for me was the horrible, god awful french fries. They’re terrible! For the price paid Five Guys is mediocre, overpriced fast food.

  19. eh, 5guys is probably the most expensive fast food burger chain out there. their burgers are good, but more expensive than most places. their fries are far more expensive, even though you get lots of it. burger+fries+drink will run you ~$12-15, double what most fast food places ask.

    if they’re gonna charge you $3.39 for “regular” fries, you’d have to be an idiot to think you’re getting extra fries for free. that’s double to triple what most fast food places ask, seems only expected to get double to triple the quantity.

  20. Men have been eating greasy food for a long time, but when “real men” eat the grease they go and work it off so that we can still see our feet just fine.

  21. How can you not call it your typical burger, fries and soda. The market they are in and after is the same one that McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s is in. I have to agree it’s very pricey. In fact, so much so that I’d rather go to sit down restaurant to get the same, but better quality and with service. Five Guys sucks!

    • I don’t consider them in the same market as McDonalds at all. Do you consider Chipotle in the same market as Taco Bell? I’ve never chosen Taco Bell over Chipotle (though I do go to TB from time to time). When I want a great burger and have the money, I go to 5 guys. When I am in a rush or budget, I swing by Wendy’s…I rarely choose between them though.

  22. Too bad the fries at Five Guys suck! If McDonald’s or In-N-Out Burger did that I’d be very happy. Five Guys is without a doubt the most overrated burger chain in America. Yuck!

  23. Whether they budget for it or not, whether it’s a “show” or not I still only need to buy one order of fries for the three of us. How is that a bad thing?

  24. The modern “metro-sexual” man is nothing more than a whiney little bitch. I saw this episode the other day. A youngish (24-25 y.o.) girl was dragging her now ex-boyfriend by his left foot down a jogging path. He’s the one being dragged on his butt and CRYING!! She’s yelling and screaming and he’s crying. WTF??

  25. The “Five Guys” in Richmond, VA do no offer shakes. That is like a breakfast joint not offering coffee. I am not inclined to return, not because the food was bad, but because I like a shake with my burger. Five Guys needs to get this.

  26. I live in the Jacksonville area of NE Florida, the 5 guys chains around here are dropping like flies. 3 have closed in past couple of months.

  27. I’ve eaten at a bunch of Five Guys locations in three states, and not one of them offers shakes. Burgers, fries, hot dogs, soda, peanuts. That’s it. Simple. Easy. Not so cheap but not bad for fresh, made to order quick food.

  28. The Five Guys in SW Atlanta SUCKS! it was great in Annandale, VA but horrible here…Won’t go back..
    Didn’t need the saturated fat anyway…so I should prob thank them for the lousy food.

  29. When I eat @ 5 Guys, they give so many fries I can’t eat them all.. I’d say they do give a few extra as I am a big potato man!

    • Do you also take the sugar and artificial sweetener packets from other places as well as the salt and pepper shakers? Those peanuts are not for “take out.”

      • No, but the store will trash any uneaten peanuts at our table. No worse than getting a doggie bag, Dufus. Lighten uP!

  30. Fries and drinks have the highest profit margins in fast food. It does not cost hardly anything to account for free refills, more fries and even shelled peanuts if the customer desires them.

  31. I think that NOT complaining about poor quality (greasy food) and high prices is wimpy and stupid. Real men don’t put up with what they don’t like, and they don’t eat at a restaurant just because ‘everybody’ says it’s great.

  32. I am from Texas and give me a big thick ribeye steak cooked medium rare anyday! That said I have eaten at Benjamin’s Steakhouse in New York City where dinner for two was $450.00 and worth every penny! I recomend spending a week at the Waldorf-Astoria in a suite and give them Carte Blanche when it comes to where you will have dinner. They do not make bad choices and make sure you are dressed to the nines after six if you are in the lobby. We were there during the tennis tournament and it was a riot watching the staff tell the players that they had to leave the lobby because they were not in proper attire. You should have seen the look on the face of those million dollar tennis brats, it was priceless!

  33. If I wanted more fries I would go to Red Robin! They have bottomless steak fries and they will bring them to you even if you order something that does not come with fries!

  34. yeah, and don’t make a pig out of yourself, you don’t HAVE to get the large order, you don’t HAVE to get the 1/2 pd burger, you don’t HAVE to eat it all, and you don’t HAVE to eat there everyday.

  35. Men are quickly becoming the biggest group of hypochondriacs ever.
    To answer your question, yes, they have been emasculated.

  36. Wow, relax, you’re going to blow a valve. All he said was that it wasn’t good food, and that Americans like greasy food (I don’t think you can argue that point. We might like healthy food, too, and other people might also like greasy food, but his statement doesn’t disallow those possibilities.)

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been to 5 Guys just once, it was expensive, mediocre, heavily marketing-driven, and I haven’t been back. I love In-n-Out, though, and eat there often. And there’s a place here in Phoenix called Lenny’s, which is superior to In-n-Out, even.

    As far as pollution (which I don’t think has anything to do with this post,) I agree that the earth isn’t in danger from pollution, but it seems that lifeforms may be. I think it’s worth making an effort to reduce pollution where we can. Call me crazy!

  37. Five Guys is pricey but I love their burgers and fries enough to visit them at least once a year. But in my opinion, In N Out is soooo much better. Nothing like a 4×4 animal style. It may not be the best thing for my health, but if you ain’t living, you’re dying!

  38. 30 years ago, any car that had more than $200 work got a quick detail. I had customers say to me “you f’ed up my car, but I am coming back because I know I will get it back clean”. Simple math, simple salesmanship. Works every time.

  39. While I enjoyed your comment and agree with MOST of it I have to point out that beer in the US is pathetic.

    The macrobrewers want you to believe beer should be served ice cold, and here’s why. The sensation of
    coldness inhibits the tongue’s taste receptors. Since macrobrews started selling their products based on any feature they could imagine besides
    taste, the need to neutralize taste became important. An alcohol delivery system
    doesn’t need taste. In fact, taste usually gets in the way. A cold refresher
    could be anything, and in fact alternatives like
    generally have a less offensive taste than macrobrew. So again, numbing those
    tastebuds is important. So no, beer doesn’t not need
    to be near frozen. Good beer in fact should not be near frozen.

    The other myth is that English beer is served at room
    temperature, or “warm”. It’s not. It is served at cellar temperature, which is about 53 degrees. Room temperature is a big difference.

    • I agree with you completely. I’m as American as apple pie, and I like German beer, served German style. I also enjoy many of the micro-brewed beers served in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

    • I like my beer ice cold, if I want it warmer I can just let it sit for a few minutes.
      It’s all a matter of personal taste, doesn’t make one way right and the other way wrong.

    • There are over 2,500 breweries in the US now and 98% of them are better than Bug/Miller/Coors. Have you had anything besides Miller Lite? To say that beer in the US is pathetic is just plain ignorant.

      • Actualy to believe that an expression of a personal preference for one type of beer over another or any preference for that matter somehow either makes another ignorant or justifies the slander otherwise is real ignorance. Simmer down and let the conversation roll on!

  40. 5 Guys is the most over-hyped thing in the history of things. Nothing they do there is remarkable in any way…other than the exorbitant prices they charge. The one and only reason I can thing of that explains their success is the endless gullibility of consumers.

    • where else can you get a burger from fresh not frozen meat these days?
      same for the fries, fresh taters cut that morning.
      it’s a better product.

      • Lots of places. And they might even have flavor in their products too. 5 Guys is the blandest burgers and fries in the business – I have no idea how you can consistently make a burger and/or fries be so bland, but they manage to do it.

        It’s not a better product. But they’ve convinced you that it is, even though they’re clearly not doing anything special at all.

  41. Too bad they only do “tricks” and do not *actually* show interest in customers by refusing to cook hamburgers to something short of “cooked to death”. Even Mickie D’s will respond to a request for ‘medium rare’.

    • ….abSOLUTEly agree, Deejay-not only do they overcook the burgers, even more damnedly, they continually press all of the juices out of them with that flat spatula, getting rid of the last of any taste in the burger.

      Now, I like the fries-when I have someone to share them with, but the burgers….f’n awful, over-rated, dry, and tasteless.

      PLUS, they won’t cook them to order-like a proper burger joint.

  42. Whoa! Slow down there Hero, France almost surrendered (again) over that last comment. Don’t forget the the extra Ranch dressing though.

  43. Yes, I remember interviewing a lawyer when I started my company and he billed me for what I thought was an introductory meeting, after I selected him for some work. After that tiny project, I never went back to him again. Dumb on his part.

  44. 5 guys makes sure you know how ‘great’ they are by plastering favorable reviews all over their restaurants. Get over yourselves, it’s only burgers and fries and it’s really not that special. $12-$14 is a ‘deal’ for a burger and a bushel of fries?? I don’t think so.

    • Which five guys did you go to? I get bacon and cheese on my burgers along with the fries and the price is $8. If you haven’t gone to a store don’t comment, its just ignorance.

  45. I’m not sure that “affordable” means the same to this writer and the rest of America. 5 Guys is ok, but the cost is far too high for what you get. Pretending that I’m getting topping choices by making mustard, ketchup, mayo, pickles, tomato and lettuce a;; part of the “free condiment choices” is absurd.

  46. I thought the very same thing. Our metrosexuals are sounding ever more like women. Pretty soon you won’t be able to tell them apart. It is shameful how so many people that call themselves “men” sound more like women everyday–reactionary, more interested in how it feels and what it sounds like than realistic common sense rational thought. Welcome to the new America where women and men emote–not think. Very sad.

      • Actually, a gutless gay guy is called “a gutless gay guy.” A metrosexual is a hetero guy that talks, acts and feels in feminine terms. He uses “body wash,” and “feels,” and “emotes,” and “empathizes.” He thinks between his legs and is only concerned about how things look and feel as opposed to rational deductive analytical reasoning which traditional males consistently are known for. You know… problem solving abilities.
        Metrosexuals have jobs in which they put paper “A” on pile “B.”–and then call that “working hard.”

        Metrosexuals believe–like women–that doing laundry–you know sorting clothes to put in a machine and then putting in soap–is actually work.

        Metrosexuals have no real world skills. They cannot fix anything, do anything or make anything. Like the majority of women they have knowledge of everything, and opinion on everything, but no real factual information on anything.

        You can tell a metrosexual in that he will always give an opinion–but never include hard data–because what is most important in his effeminate mind is how he feels and what it looks like. Most of today’s men are metrosexuals.

        You can tell the difference because real men use data in an effort to solve problems. Effeminized metrosexuals give opinions…because you know…they are so smart and knowledgeable that everyone “should” know it.

        • Hold on there a sec. I use body wash. I also ride a Harley, have a closet full of guns and ammo, have four kids, six grandkids, ain’t afraid of the dentist and skip my cholesterol meds on a regular basis. Don’t be calling me a metro anything just because I use body wash. Ha!

        • Can you say misogynist? Tell my back that laundry isn’t work. Look at my college diploma in engineering to say we can’t use logic to solve problems. Tell the local stock car team we had that I can’t fix things. I use body wash because it’s what’s on the outside of the convenient liquid soap bottle.

        • Guys that bath with scents men love, tend to attract men. Guys that use body washes that have scents women love, attract women.
          I wash my balls with body wash because I respect the nose of the woman that will nestle in them. She deserves to lick berries that smell like berries.

          So go on bathing with truck stop lava soap and you will have all the fellas complimenting you on how rough and manly you are, all of them, that love a big ole bearish man.

          Me, I use body wash because I love being sniffed by women and not other men.

          Now I realize you don’t get it. You think hard work that pays little is going to attract more women than my having a high salary and time to hit the gym if I want to work out.

          Metros tend to attract a higher caliber of women than June Boo Boo Child. Women that actually went to college and earn high salaries as well.
          I am sure your idea of a promotion is being moved from fries, to window and your woman wears her Wal Mart vest with pride, good for both of you. Someone has to labor for those of us actually contributing the GDP.

          You usually find the men that are the most homophobic are so because they are fighting an inner demon. You find it is better to point the finger away from you to someone else, than embrace your gayness.

      • meteroseuxual – straight republican trying to look like a gutless gay guy because a focus group told him it would get votes

    • Yeah. God forbid sounding or being in any way like *women*… gag. Could there be a worse possible thing on Earth?

      Do you *men* ever even listen to what you are saying?

  47. What a bunch of whiners! The fries are the best, and yes, they’re greasy. They’re FRIED IN OIL PEOPLE! And their burgers are great. I don’t go to 5 guys to eat healthy. Sheepish.

  48. It is 7:30 am here and the thought of eating that “Trough Food” and chemical slop ( burgers, fries, soda or milk shake) is making me queasy.

  49. I think they give you so much fries to make up for the poor quality of them…

    Don’t get me wrong, the burgers are great… but the fries SUCK… The regular fries taste like grease soaked burnt home-style fries. The cajun ones are the same but drowned with creole seasoning… Bleh… I don’t know why I keep ordering the fries there, I guess I hope they will get better, but they don’t…

    If they had halfway decent fries they could quadruple their business overnight!

  50. It’s like the old sales teaching about one of two comments a car salesman can make as the customer is about to drive off the car lot in his new vehicle:
    (1) “You got the best price I’ve ever given to anyone…”
    (2) “If you had pushed a little more, you could have gotten it for $1,000 less…”
    The first comment choice sends the customer on his way happy and builds good will for future business. The second destroys the relationship and the joy of the new purchase is immediately soured.
    The sale was the sale either way, but it’s easy to see what setting a tone or attitude can do for future business. Charge $0.25 more and add that amount of fries piled in on top like an unexpected bonus and voila, happy customers…

  51. This type of thing goes back decades. I can recall reading about a candy store owner who always made sure when scooping bulk candy to “never scoop enough” so it looked like he was scooping more candy into the bag all the time.

  52. It’s called “lagniappe”. Cajuns have done it for more than a century.
    Must be a good marketing tool if it’s been around that long.

    • Koreans do it too. Everytime I purchase groceries at the Korean Food store, Ad-ji-ma always throws in a can of juice, and sometimes, depending on how much you’ve spent, a bag of rice!

  53. A lagniappe (pron.: /ˈlænjæp/ lan-yap) is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase (such as a 13th doughnut when buying a dozen), or more broadly, “something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure.”[1]

    • Yeah, my favorite donut/kolache house (that’s been in town longer than I’ve been alive) gives a free hot (meaning fresh outta the fryer) donut with any purchase of ANYTHING in the store.
      Here’s your bag or box of whatever, and here’s your donut in that wax-paper hand-holder thing…for the road.
      It doesn’t hurt that they’ve got the best donuts on the planet.

  54. I’ve eaten at Five Guys a few times. They’re OK, but nothing to write home about. Seems like just slightly different Wendy’s.

    • Wendy’s is only good if you just want 500% of your daily value of salt. I like normal amounts of salt and have never understood how anyone can eat there. Their chicken tenders are alright I guess but they have the most uneatable fries out of all the chains for anyone who doesn’t enjoy a salt-lick (and crap, that’s saying something considering how salty most chains make their fries).

  55. It is an interesting idea to adapt, but I think in this case it’s done horribly. Five Guys fries come to you saturated in nuclear hot grease, crammed into a paper bag. There’s no way to get them out without burning your fingers, and the steam inside the bag turns the fries soggy. There’s no tray to dump your fries on, so you sit and wait for them to get cold before digging a few out.

    • omg, whaaa whaaa whaaa, what a bunch of finicky “men”. If you were real men, you’d have callouses on your fingers and you’d never feel the heat.
      WTH is Sam Elliot when you need him?

  56. Yeah. Great idea. I just got back from Five Guys a few hours ago. I took my extra fries home…with my extra remaining peanuts that I didn’t have time to eat before my food was ready. Yeah, it was great. As I was leaving, i thought about how foolish I was to go there, one magazine called their meals the unhealthiest on the planet. So, thanks for the extra fries. It just reminds me to space out my visits to Five Guys to no more than two or three in a one year period. If that.

  57. “affordable hand made patties.” Yes, if all you get is the patty, it’s affordable. They just gouge you everywhere else.

    I heard all the raves about 5 Guys. They opened one near me, so I tried it. Walked in, saw the prices, almost walked right out, but said “Well, let’s try it at least once.”

    The “affordable hand made patties” are affordable because they have no flavor.

    The other nifty trick they try to make it seem like you’re getting more bang for your buck (the theme of this article, presented to praise 5 Guys rather than show everyone how they’re being swindled) is that they show about 10,000 condiments. So it looks like you’re getting a great value…”look at all the condiments you can choose” (although some are premium and cost more).

    However, you’re only paying for choices, and paying for many of them you will never use on the burger you eventually do eat.

    I haven’t been back since and have told everyone who mentions 5 Guys what a rip off it is.

    • Ummm…. you realize that some people don’t want soggy pickles, crappy ketchup, horrible cheese, and whatever else a normal burger chain offers, right? I like getting the bbq and hot sauce along with cheese and both types of onions and mushrooms. I don’t have that option at any cheap burger chain.

  58. In my home town, Five Guys is right near McDonalds. People go to Five Guys, get the burger, then drive through McD’s and get the fries. Never thought Five Guys fries were all that special – they are usually mushy.

  59. In and Out is much better and less expensive than ‘5 guys” their model may work in NYC but not out here in Arizona… Their burgers were OK, everything too pricy, not willing to pay $25 to have our family eat there… could get a decent sit down meal for that price…

    • I’ve eaten at both and I would say five guys is better at burgers and fries. I like In and Out, but their fries are really mediocre and if you don’t like their “special sauce” their burgers are just good. I eat them when I go out to the west coast but five guys or cutlers definitely offer better quality products.

  60. Sorry, I don’t buy it. The fries are overpriced and oversized as it is. I love 5 Guys but avoid their fries for this reason (if they sold a size half as big for 2/3 the price I’d honestly go for it). If you’ve got a large group it’s not a problem, but for 1 or 2 people their fry model is unappeeling (sic).

    • They cost $2 for the small and have 3-4x the fries you get for a small from any other chain. They are the only reason that five guys is the only burger place I don’t order a double burger AND I can share the fries with 1-2 other people.

      • No disagreement here. But the locations in my area only started offering the “small” size in the past couple of months. When I posted my comment (6 months ago), the smallest available was the “medium,” which contained approximately 85 lbs of potatoes.

  61. Nasty, vile, greasy food, which is why it’s so popular in America. Enjoy your overpriced “free” fries with your overpriced greaseburger.

    • grease is good, pork fat rules!
      Before you come all unglued, no, I am not overweight, or diabetic, & my cholesterol #’s are right where they should be.

  62. Personally, I don’t like their fries…I mean I really don’t like them. The fries bag is soaked through with grease even before you reach a table. I tried them one time…no more for me…you can have my portion.

  63. I’ve eaten there, never seemed like extra fries to me. the price for a meal there is really very high for typical burger, fries and soda.The only reason I would go back is to eat the extra 5.00 worth of all you can eat peanuts.

    • My parents are tight as heck and don’t go often, but when they do the love the free peanuts made available.

  64. I like 5 Guys, but the reason you get that big pile of fries is because even a “small” order of fries costs a lot.

      • A large order of fries at 5 Guys costs almost as much as a burger and fries at In-N-Out. Maybe that’s just normal pricing on the east coast?

        The “free” fries IS a great marketing tool. A lot of McDonald’s used to do that when I was a kid.

        • A large fries order at 5 guys is enough fries for 3 or 4 people. Plus their fries are fries, not soggy shoestrings like In N Out.

          • You’re right. I have never had fries as bad as those at In N Out. They are limp and soggy and if you order them well done they’re like cardboard sticks. There is no middle ground.

            My only problem with Five Guys is that they put all of the crap between the patties and bottom half of the bun, which makes the whole damn thing fall apart. Everyone knows the toppings go on top of the patty. Even McDonald’s gets that right.

        • Are you kidding me? Their small is under $2, have you eaten at McDonalds or In-N-Out ever? You get 3-4x the fries for 2x the cost. That’s worth it for me when the fries are also way better.

        • That’s my point. I like 5 Guys, but not any more than In and Out… I have both available to me… 5 Guys is great, they just cost about twice as much as In and Out, so In and Out get’s my business unless I really want something on a burger that only 5 Guys can do (Mushrooms and jalapenos for instance)

          Both kick the snot out of Jack in the Box, McD’s etc. But 5 Guys is pretty spendy for a fast food burger. Oddly, In and Out is usually _cheaper_ than McDs, Jack in the Box etc. So go figure they (InO) get about 90% of my fast food spending… 5 Guys gets the other 10%, and Taco Bell, McD’s, Burger King etc. just don’t exist in my world. They get none of my business.

          • In and Out Fries are not as good as McDonalds and I do not like the McDonalds fries. 5 Guys fries are very good.