Concrete Evidences to Win a Sex Crime Case

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Falling victim to a false accusation is bad enough on its own, however, when the accusation has to do with a sex crime, it can be ten times worse. Being written off as a sex offender for life in police records and having to disclose such an atrocity on your future job applications can barely compare to the fact that you have to live a disgraced life, and be shunned by society as a criminal. Millions of people, even minors and children, are subjected to hideous sex crimes, which explains why the consequences can be harsh and resolute for anyone who is identified as a suspect.

However, there is no denying that every human being deserves the chance to defend him/herself and fight to clear their names if they are truly innocent. Unfortunately, the heaviness of sex crime cases usually leaves little to no chance for the defendant to win and walk away unscathed. This does not mean though that you do not stand a chance, in fact, when certain concrete evidence is presented, your chances of winning your sex crime case will increase. Read on below to find out what exactly they are.

Having an Eyewitness

Eyewitnesses are usually one of the most powerful providers of evidence in criminal cases, and the same goes for sex crimes. If you can have an eye witness to support your claim and testify that you had enough reason to believe that the person you approached was a consenting adult and not a minor, it could be the lifeline that you need to win the case.

The minute you get charged with a sex crime; you have to hire a lawyer to expedite the dismissal of this faulty case. Your experienced sex crimes defense attorney will ask you to bring forward any person that might act as a valid eyewitness and build the case on grounds of falsified information. You should know that this only works when you have a credible eyewitness who can testify under oath to what has transpired in front of them.

Along with highlighting the fact that your profile does not fit that of someone who would commit this kind of crime, with eyewitness testimony, your attorney will have a solid chance of turning things around in your favor, and might even convince the prosecutor to drop all charges.

There Was No Sexual Contact

If you are being charged with rape, proving that no sexual contact occurred is all that you need to win the case. Your lawyer will request a court order to authorize the necessity of medical forensics intervention. If the medical reports came back clear proving that there was no DNA or any physical evidence to support the rape claim, your chances of winning the case will substantially increase. Sex offenders usually do not get the chance to defend themselves in court based on the social stigma, however, medical results are compelling enough to bring the jury on your side and improve your stance in the case. At the very least, it will make them more willing to hear what you have to say afterward.

Proving the Non-credibility of the Accuser

Sexual crimes can be very traumatizing and may interfere with the mental faculties of the victims. It is not uncommon for the accusing victim to misidentify their assailant, especially if the crime scene was dark enough that it would be hard to rely on their statement. In a different scenario, with the help of your lawyer, you can uncover evidence about how your accuser might have a proven track record of blackmailing other innocent individuals and accusing them of horrific sex crimes.

In other cases, sexual crime accusations are another way of getting revenge against a violent stepfather or an abusive partner. Although these defendants deserve to be brought to justice, it remains wrong to incarcerate them for different crimes. Discrediting your accuser is another way that will make your lawyer’s job to win your case much easier. It is worth mentioning that this route can be hard and might require you to endure being a sex crime suspect for quite some time until the court reaches its final verdict.

The Unavailability of Enough Evidence

The mere fact that there isn’t enough evidence to support the accusation of a sex crime can be all the evidence that you need to have the case dismissed. Although in most criminal justice systems like the case with Florida, USA, there is no further evidence required to support a sex crime allegation, still if you have an attorney experienced in similar cases fighting on your behalf, he/she can convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against you and reject the case.

Presenting a Verifiable Alibi

The strongest evidence you can present to prove your innocence in a sex crime case, or any other case for that matter, is having a foolproof alibi. Credit card entries, parking tickets, and hotel reservations can all be used to confirm your alibi. This can be the shortest route to gaining back your freedom. In case you do not have such information, your lawyer can seek authorization from the court to pull out surveillance camera recordings from public places like commercial centers or ATMs to prove your whereabouts during the alleged time of the crime. Once the prosecutors view such strong evidence, your accuser’s convictions will be nullified, and the judge will rule in your favor.

Proving You Were Maliciously Intoxicated

Many sex crimes are associated with partying scenes where there is an abundance of drugs, alcohol, and other intoxicating substances. You could be a victim to a malicious act where someone intentionally drugs you and frames you for a sex crime that you did not commit. Unfortunately, not being aware, you will have trouble recalling what exactly happened at the time and you will probably not be able to defend yourself. In such situations, you will have to dedicate all of yours and your lawyers’ efforts to try to prove your claims. This can save you from having to be sent away based on false accusations.

Going to court for a sex crime case can be mentally and socially destructive. However, knowing that you are innocent beyond doubt and that you have your family’s support and a competent lawyer defending your case, you should not be affected by whatever is going on around you and focus on winning your case.

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