Common Reasons Why People Apply for a Loan

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Borrowing money in the form of a loan is often seen as problematic as it puts you in some sort of debt and having to pay interest fees. There are, however, many reasons to take out a loan that a lot of people don’t consider, and are in fact necessary to stay financially secure or even provide you opportunities for financial growth.

Here are some common reasons why people apply for a loan.

Medical Expenses

In some countries, medical services are not provided for free. In fact, medical services in some places are extremely expensive. For many people, getting into an accident or a situation that causes injuries, this is a pricey experience. Even for the smaller incidents and simpler visits, the expenses will very easily accumulate. For these situations to handle your unexpected medical finances, a loan can be a literal lifesaver and provide you the funds you need for your health needs.

Emergency Needs

Loans are needed in many situations but are primarily needed for when unexpected situations arise and emergencies occur. Unlike other situations that you could take a loan out, emergency loans are needed for the times that you cannot plan for. It is always wise to have money set aside for such times, there are events that you simply cannot come to expect. This is why the experts behind understand how important it is to learn and provide yourself options for financial security. These can include situations that are not only involving illness, injuries and health concerns, but other emergencies such as accident costs, sudden repairs to your home and automobile, and work-related costs that could involve repairing or replacing a computer. For the times that you can’t plan for, loans will provide you the assistance you need.

Large Purchases

Taking out a loan is not just a response for emergencies or unplanned expenses. Loans also provide you the necessary funds that you need for making large purchases. These reasons include taking out loans for buying or financing a car, boat, or even something like a television, which not many people are able to do so with their own savings or capital. Prices of items tend to change, and sales occur without you able to prepare. Loans allow you to take advantage of discounts, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, if you have a steady income, a loan provides you the means to afford your immediate purchases and pay them incrementally over time. This is necessary for large purchases that are needed in life.


Loans are not merely used for necessities but can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Taking vacations and traveling is a great opportunity, especially at a younger age where you have a wanderlust for travel and adventure. However, at certain ages, you can’t always afford this.

A loan comes into play to allow you to experience what life and the world have to offer. Eventually, once you start working and settle down, you’ll be able to pay off the loans, but your ability to travel won’t always be present. If you feel the need to explore, borrowing money gives you that flexibility.

Home Purchases And Renovation

Buying a home or even renovating it are large financial burdens. Taking a loan out for these reasons is very common as the finances required to make these purchases or changes are oftentimes much more than other purchases. However, these financial decisions are often time-sensitive, whether it is factoring in the housing market for prices, or trying to accommodate certain renovations in weather permitting conditions. If you are trying to upgrade your home for resale, time is also important to accomplish this as soon as possible. Most, if not all, of your housing needs, will require a loan of some sort for financial assistance.

Small Business

Investing is something that requires a lot of money. This is especially prevalent when it comes to investing in yourself and your own business or company. You need a lot of capital to cover startup costs, and many businesses operate in the negatives in the first couple of years. A loan is necessary to not only get up started but will help keep you afloat while you focus on growth and expansion. A loan provides many people the opportunities to succeed they would otherwise not have access to when it comes to starting and building their own brand or company.

It is important to remember that loans can give you opportunities that you otherwise don’t have with financial security and flexibility. However, it is easy to let your borrowing habits get out of hand, so it is key that you remember to be financially responsible as well when considering any sort of loan.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.