How to Collaborate When You’re a Freelancer

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Whether you’re a freelance writer or designer, chances are you’ve had trouble acquiring new clients. Although freelancing may be a desirable alternative to being cooped up in the confines of a cubicle all day, many freelancers tend to forget the importance of collaboration. Sure, you may prefer to work on your own, but once you team up with other professionals in your line of expertise, you’ll soon be able to attain higher goals and create products that may have once exceeded your own abilities.

Let’s say you’re a writer, and your client has requested a major revamp of their website. Unfortunately, your graphic design skills are weak, and HTML is like a foreign language to you. In cases like this, you may need help from a graphic design guru and a professional web coder. That’s where collaboration can really come in handy!

Furthermore, writers can even team up with others in their niche. By doing so, they can share heavy workloads and have more time to take on assignments from additional clients. Best of all, forming alliances with fellow freelancers can help you get energized and excited about your accomplishments.

Here are a few ways to start collaborating with other freelancers:

  • Visit a Co-working Space: One of the best ways to connect with other freelancers is to meet at a Co-working space. These areas are ideal for inspiring creativity and promoting collaboration among like-minded professionals. Additionally, Co-working spaces can serve as a refreshing change of scenery from your home office. Sites such as ShareDesk and Desktime can help you find a co-working space in your city.
  • Network: When it comes to collaboration, networking is a great way to connect with other creative professionals. Aside from establishing relationships with fellow writers and designers, you can also extend your network to other business professionals who utilize the same tools or services as you. By building up your network, you’ll always have plenty of resources to help you tackle a diverse range of projects.
  • Build Your Own Collaboration Team: Creating a coalition with freelancers who possess skills complementary to your own can lead to a successful business venture in the long run. By working effectively as a team and combining your knowledge, you’ll be able to take on more complex projects in the future. Before you know it, your freelance network could flourish into a co-op or agency.
  • Promote Your Services: In order to effectively collaborate with fellow freelancers, it always helps to showcase your skills via social media. Create an online writing portfolio so others can view your work, and keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date at all times. Put yourself in the spotlight and make it easy for other creative professionals to find you.

Collaboration can be the key to your success as a freelancer. By connecting with like-minded professionals in person or via virtual platforms, your workload will become a whole lot easier to handle. Best of all, the connections you establish with fellow freelancers will help you maintain a loyal client base throughout your career.


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