ClicksDealer – Best platform to earn money with ads flipping

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Can one really make good money flipping banner ads online? That’s the question on the lips of many people who want to make the most of internet marketing platforms like In this review, we are going to give you a low down of what the platform entails and how it works.

What is The Clicksdealer platform?

Clicksdealer is an online advertising marketplace where users buy and sell banner ads. Their mantra – “the solution digital marketing has been waiting for” gives hope to digital marketers and enthusiasts who are looking to make the most of a seamless ad flipping platform to make money. Here’s more info on how it works.

How does it really work?

After signing up on, you can purchase and sell ads on their platform via an intuitive dashboard. The idea is that the platform will run the ads on various other publisher websites. When you buy a banner on the platform, you can earn money from every click that your banner receives.

However, you need to activate your account with them. Each account comes with five (5) different package options from which users can select the package offering that mostly suits their needs. Take a look at the different packages below:

  • Bronze package – 20% Matching Bonus
  • Silver package – 50% Matching Bonus & account manager for 1 month
  • Gold package – 75% Matching Bonus & account manager for 3 months
  • Platinum package – 100% Matching Bonus & account manager for life
  • Diamond package – 200% Matching Bonus & VIP mentoring

More so, all the packages have these benefits and more – platform walkthrough, digital ebook, market reviews – in common.

How can you profit from it even with minimal experience?

Are you worried about not having much experience to get started and leverage the platform? No, you don’t have to. True to its reputation as a company that offers client protection and on-demand support with expert account managers, one cannot expect anything less. Clicksdealer claims to guide new and existing users on how to boost revenue and cut back on internet marketing expenses.


Their official website,, boasts of high volume traffic that is also scalable. They claim to have about 25 million ad impressions that is generated monthly while covering a wide reach of 54 geographical locations. That’s one huge marketplace you don’t want to miss.