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working from home

60-Second Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

Here's how you really should set up your office!

INFOGRAPHIC: The World’s Top 10 One-Person Startups

Did you hear about the student that created a site that has 2 million users? Check it out. "What one person can do, another can do."
social media for new business

15 Breakthrough Ways to Create Sharable Content

With all businesses trying to connect through social media marketing, your content must be unique and relevant
Apps That Rock

Top 7 Time Management Apps for the Self-Employed

Don't have time to read this article? That's the problem!

Google+ Hangout: Take Back Your Time

Join me Wednesday for a Google Hangout with my friends from Bank of America, MasterCard, and Carol Roth from CNBC where we will discuss great tips for taking back your time

Entrepreneurs: Be Like a Doctor and Have a Great Bedside Manner

Not only were my taxes done professionally, but just as importantly, he made the process stress-free...
managing a home based business as it grows

4 Keys To Growing A Home-Based Business

There are plenty of great reasons to set up a home office, but as your business expands, you might feel a little cramped. Here are 4 tips for dealing with that
home based office

Tips For Starting a New Home-Based Business

Starting a business from home? Use these simple steps to separate your home life from your home-office life to ensure your success
home office

The 60-Second Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

In just 60-seconds, learn how to get started on setting up your perfect home office
Tax Breaks

How To Take Advantage of Home Business Tax Breaks

Work from home? One extra advantage of a sideline home-based business is that you often qualify for extra tax breaks