Work From Home

Setting Up A Home-Based Business

To make working from home work for you, it is critical that you set up your home office properly. Doing so takes some thought and...

Finding Legitimate Self Employment Opportunities

Almost everyone can appreciate the ideal of working from home and being their own boss. This is why many modern Americans have decided to...

The Potential Disadvantages Of Being Self-Employed

Most people are well aware of the benefits of being self-employed. You generally get to remain at home, make money, and you’re virtually your...
Challenges Faced By Freelancers

Top 3 Challenges When Working as a Freelancer

In order to work efficiently, you need to be aware of the biggest challenges freelancers face. We have covered 3 of the most common ones, and offered you solutions!
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Formulating A Strategy For A Flexible Self Employed Lifestyle

There is no doubt that being self-employed has a wealth of benefits. However, a lot of people that fit into this category wind up...
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What It Means To Be Self-Employed

Being self-employed can be very rewarding, but it is also very demanding. While many people are familiar with the term “self employed,” they do...

The Home-Based Business Revolution

Many years ago, I worked from home and back then it was still a bit unusual. Today of course it is a lot easier....

5 Work From Home Rules You Shouldn’t Break

Here are five rules you can use to make sure you’re working to your full potential when you're working from home

The 5 Unspoken Disadvantages of Working From Home

Working from home may seem like a dream scenario to most people, but as millions of self-employed individuals have discovered, it isn’t...

7 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy While Working From Home

Working from home has become very popular, especially for self-employed independent contractors. There are tons of advantages: it avoids the commute, helps to...