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health care tax

Making Sense of the Small Business Health Care Tax

With all of the controversy surrounding the new Affordable Care Act, small business owners may well be left wondering what it means for them. Find out for yourself.
dealing with an irs tax audit

7 Great Insider Tips for Dealing With an IRS Audit

Even if you have reported every earned cent, you can still be audited. That’s why every business owner needs to have an Audit Action Plan. Learn more now.
self employed tax mistakes

If You’re Self Employed, Don’t Make These Tax Mistakes

Preparing taxes for your small company can be tricky, especially if you're new to the world of self-employment. Learn how to avoid some common tax mistakes.
financial management for freelancers

Freelance Finances Made Easy

Managing your finances is not always the best part of being self-employed. That doesn't mean it has to be tough. Get 4 tips for managing your finances now.
filing business taxes

Filing Taxes When You Are Self-Employed: Quarterly or Yearly?

If you've been in business for 12 months, and you're earning an income from your business, then it's time to get to work on your quarterly estimated taxes. Learn more now.
reporting quarterly business tax

TAX GUIDE: Quarterly Tax Filings When You Are Self-Employed

When you work for yourself, the IRS expects you to submit a portion of your estimated taxes roughly every 3 months of the year. Learn more about paying quarterly tax.

What Is The Best Way To Form Your Business When You Are Self-Employed?

When you own your own business, there are four ways to form your business, and each will have an effect on your taxes, profits, and more. Which is best for you?

How An Estate Plan Can Save You Taxes, Among Other Things

Good estate plans are vital for entrepreneurs because they can save on taxes, are private, and offer other benefits such as