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passionate business person

6 Keys To Successfully Starting Your Own Business

What does it take to create to successfully start your own business? It takes a lot more than passion. Here are six keys to startup success

Infographic: Startup Tips

Startup tips
wealthy business person

How To Get Rich Flipping Businesses

Fixing or flipping a small business is much easier than real estate for a variety of reasons...
side business to start

50 Side Businesses You Can Start Today

Ready to start your own business, but not sure what to do? Consider one of these fifty side business ideas you can start today
Rule of Partnerships

The First Rule of Partnerships

Looking for a partner for your business venture? Keep this one simple rule in mind to find the best fit

Top 3 Reasons Why the Self-Employed Should Incorporate

When someone starts a business, he or she almost always begins the venture as a sole proprietorship, legally speaking. It is not hard to understand why that is: A sole proprietorship is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to get started.

From Rags to Riches Using Etsy

Want to get rich using Etsy? Here's how 2 solopreneurs got rich using Etsy
55 reasons to be self-employed

The Epic List of 55 Reasons to Be Self-Employed

To celebrate the lifestyle of the entrepreneur, here is a list of our favorite reasons it’s better to employ yourself
Selling Business

The Quick and Easy Way to Value Your Business

The value of a business will depend upon a lot of factors, but here's the easiest way to figure it out

Startup Story: The Incredible Story of the Invention of the Computer Mouse

In this amazing story, see how a lone genius changed the world and invented the computer mouse, and modern computing at that