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young entrepreneurs

Common Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make and How to Fix Them

Starting a new business has its ups and downs. And with little or no experience in the business, there’s a high possibility of making...

Looking to invest? 2018’s best sectors for entrepreneurs

If you’re got some spare cash to invest at the moment, it’s likely that you’re feeling positive about the range of investment vehicles on...
avoiding startup roadblocks

3 Ways to Avoid Startup Roadblocks

Here’s a bit of not-so-surprising news: Startups fail. In fact, a 2018 Statistic Brain study says after just five years in business, 55 percent unfortunately do....

4 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Trigger a Sales Avalanche

Marketing is a key function for virtually every business. This umbrella process includes research, development, and promotion. Marketing increases brand recognition, generates leads, and...

What to Wear in Every Common Business Situation

What if we told you that to land the next big project for your company, all you have to do is put on a...

3 Key Methods to Immediately Shorten Your Sales Cycle

In a recent Gallup poll, sales professionals were ranked lower on honesty than Congress. This exemplifies why consumers are increasingly looking to their peers,...

How Your Startup Can Survive When Cash is Non-Existent

Life as an entrepreneur isn’t as glamorous as it looks. For every wonder boy like Zuckerberg or Jobs, there’s a startup founder grabbing dinner...

How Your Background in Teaching Can Make You a Great Entrepreneur

When you think of successful entrepreneurs, who comes to mind? Someone like, say, your high school English teacher? Probably not. Surprisingly, though, teachers actually make...

5 Innovative Ways to Run a More Efficient Small Business

Running a small business is not for the faint of heart. Between filing taxes, hiring employees, managing client relations, and production, it's enough to...

Why start-ups should hire on quality and not quantity

Start-ups are by default prone to have high rates of not working out that well because of several odds, but over the last decade...