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5 Ways to Start Your Day More Productively

If you'd like to jump-start your productivity today, try these five techniques to help you start your day more productively.

5 Myths of Starting A Business

Debunking unsubstantiated precautionary tales that may be stopping aspiring entrepreneurs from taking that first step.
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Contract Basics for the Self-Employed

Learn about the importance of having a contract when you're self-employed - from contract basics to the value of the agreement between parties
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The 3 Legal Pitfalls Every Small Business Must Avoid

Most small businesses generally encounter very similar issues on a regular basis…“pitfalls”, as I like to call them

Making Money While You Sleep

Want to make money while you sleep? Here's the secret
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Getting Past-Due Customers to Pay Up

How do big corporations get past-due, non-paying customers to pay up? Find out and do what they do
Workplace Conflicts

5 Dynamite Ways to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

Workplace conflicts can sap energy from any small business. However, smart business owners can turn a negative into a positive using these five keys to resolving workplace conflict
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G+ Hangout: Top Tips to Make Tax Time Easier

No, tax time isn't fun, but we had a blast sharing some great tips to make this time of year easier during our Bank of America Google+ Hangout

3 Ways Forming An LLC Can Help Your Business

Three ways forming an LLC can actually help your business and solidify your credibility within the business community
successful people

Insider Legal Tips That Can Save You Tons of Time & Money

There are a myriad of factors that self-employed individuals need to confront when running their business. Here are some simple legal tips and business strategies that can help give you an edge and make your everyday life easier