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Common Small Business Legal Questions, Answered

Blog: The most common small business legal questions, answered Recently, I looked at common business questions I receive from readers. In this blog, I would...

Is It Legal To Start A Business Out Of My Apartment?

Is it legal to set up a business in your apartment? Maybe, but maybe not. Find out

How to Negotiate a Great Deal

What do great negotiators do right?

6 Laws to Know Before You Hire

Everyone has dreamed of starting their own business. Well, maybe that's not completely true, but I know I have, and if you're reading this,...
buying a business

How To Buy A Business With No Money Down

Is it possible to buy a business with no money down, with 100% selller financing? Yes, but you have to be careful when doing so. The trick is

Trademark Law in Social Media

For small business, it's critical to know how to register a trademark, protect it and avoid infringing on established ones. Trademark lawsuits can be...

The Self Employed’s Guide to Making Peace with the IRS

Congress has given the IRS the power to collect unpaid taxes in a variety of nasty ways. Learn how to best deal with the IRS when you own your own business.

9 Ways Small Businesses Attract Lawsuits

Lawsuits filed by disgruntled employees or independent contractors against small businesses are one of the most vexing problems that business owners continue to face. Here are the top mistakes that small employers make that lead to lawsuits.
small claims court for business

How to Use Small Claims Court to Resolve a Dispute

Courts have recently increased the dollar limit for disputes, making it more attractive for small business owners to take their grievances to court. Learn more now.
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Infographic: The Best Quotes Ever on Success

The best quotes ever on success!