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Workplace Laws

Workplace Laws Anyone Who Is Self-Employed Should Know

Where do you go to get informed, legally speaking? Are there some common legal issues of which you need to be especially aware? Find answers to these questions here

Are You Protected From A Third-Party Lawsuit Disaster?

Do work with group projects? Make sure to protect your company and avoid getting dragged into litigation over an issue you had nothing to do with
Startup Act

Foreign Invasion: The Startup Act 3.0 Benefits More Than Just Entrepreneurs

Officials recently introduced the Startup Act 3.0 to the Senate floor. Find out what implications this potential law could have for your business
Digital Storage

Are Your Digital Documents Legal Ready?

Here are five tips from attorneys who specialize in litigation readiness on how to manage your digital data so that you can find and produce what you need
Fighting Fraud

5 Tips for Protecting Your Business Against Financial Fraud

“Back office” and other types of financial fraud are rising at U.S. companies, and are hitting small businesses especially hard. Here are some tips to help you fight fraud in your business.
Selling Your Business

6 Legal Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying A Business

In order to ensure that you are protected under the law when buying a business make sure you have your attorney take care of these items
Patent 101

Intellectual Property Rights and Patents 101

To help you get on the right track of protecting your next great idea take a look at the following breakdown of intellectual property rights and patents
Protect Your Idea

10 Steps to Protect Your Great Idea

Got a great idea? Follow these steps first to make sure it's protected
Avoid Check Fraud

7 Ways to Help You Avoid Check Fraud

Business owners face a growing risk of check fraud as computers make it easier to create phony checks and banks allow customers to open accounts via telephone and the Internet. Here are some tips that will help combat check fraud
Legal Blogging Tips

5 Legal Tips Every Freelancer Should Know About Blogging & Social Media

To help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls, take a look at these five legal tips every freelancer should know about blogging and social media



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