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Education is one of the most important things in our life which changes are life in a great way. Right since our childhood our parents and family have taught us the importance of right education and how it helps us to carve out our present and future. We move on from our childhood education to our mid level education and then to the senior wing and then head to graduation and masters and few of us even more. But, than there comes one point and time in life where we need to take a decision about our career and this is something where many of us tend to get confused.

We all remember that as kids whenever someone asked us about what would you do once you grow up and to the best of all our memories we all had unique and different answers each time when someone asked this question. But when we are graduate or have completed our masters it is not something which we may take casually and afford to steer our career in any direction. This is the time when we need to sit down and understand what is actually we wish to do. Rather what we really aspire to do in our life as a professional is set out when we start our graduation degree and very much it is towards our interest and capability as to what we wish to do. Still we all need to get the best and specialised career advice which is important to us and let us explore some unique and meaningful ways on how we can explore the best for our future and a professional start.

1. Consult an expert or someone who is successful in a particular field of your interest

Going to your best friend for your career advice may not be the right approach until and unless he/she is an expert in this field or a field of your interest. So look around and identify someone who is a professional and is successful in a particular domain so that the person may guide you and as well as answer your questions with a professional approach. When it comes to your career you need to be honest with yourself and identify what passionate you and what is that you are good at and then approach someone who can guide and mentor you for the right push.

2. Approach your ex- colleagues or Boss

It cannot be better than this that If you have worked earlier than it is time to reconnect with your seniors or Boss and seek the right guidance from them. They surely know your strength and weakness and thus you can approach them to guide you and suggest you a right career where you can excel. After all your experience and relationship at your previous workplace is an important aspect to consider and you never know that your previous employer might even wish you to reconsider it again and make a fresh start.

3. Choose a right Mentor

Life and decisions making becomes easy when there is someone who may guide you with an unbiased approach and this is none other than your mentor. Thus choose a right mentor carefully and he/she can steer your career in a right direction and this is better than approaching someone whom you know personally or professionally. A mentor-mentee relationship is a wonderful and low risk relationship as a mentor has nothing to personally gain besides sense of satisfaction for what he/she is doing and where you get and what you achieve. This is the reason mentors get out of the way to help their mentees and get the taste of success. This kind of relationship is more like a friendship which is to be cherished and you as an individual are also satisfied as you know that you are under the guidance of someone who is elder, wiser and more experienced than you.

4. Explore options and get ready for tough decisions

Career means a lot and this is not an easy piece of cake so you need to be ready for some tough and hard decisions. You just cannot take this casually and can chill out the way it pleases you as this is an important decision that you need to make for your future and you cannot take it that lightly. You might need to move out of your comfort zone, might join some professional course, prepare yourself for interviews and might even travel t a different city or town where you may get better career opportunities. So get ready to explore more, do more and achieve it right.

5. Networking

We are living in an age where right networking is the key to success and thus you need to recognise and realise the importance of it. Sit down and recall who all in your network may be of any help in context to your career. It might be someone in your family who is at a decent position in any organisation, someone in your friend list may be someone senior to you or anyone else in your neighbour or known. So, reach out and connect with them and explore how they may be of help and there is nothing wrong in seeking help if it is good for your future and career after all a little push never hurts rather it makes the start easy, smooth and makes you feel comfortable.

6. Approach Head hunters and Recruitment agencies

We all have heard about head hunters and recruitment agencies and they are the best at their job. Make a list of some of the well known head hunters or a list of advisors and approach them with your papers and they can be of great help as this is their job which they do day in and day out. They not only can guide you but also help you in grabbing your first job and make a great start. There are many who even help you with your resume and how to present yourself for which job so as to you can do well and crack the interview in the first go. Generally these recruitment agencies get commission from companies and thus they are always on the lookout for the right talent in the market for their clients. Thus it is a win-win for both the parties.

7. Internship

Old ways to find a job are obsolete and no longer may work in the current scenario where the world and organisations are smart enough to practice new and better approach. Internship is such a move where you as a fresher or even while studying may apply for internship to learn practical aspects of job at any organisation. It is true that you may or may not get the right pay for internship but one thing is for sure that you get to understand how an organisation works. Thus it is advised to everyone that as and when you get an opportunity while you are studying, apply for internship and get yourself job ready.

Choosing a right career may be tough but it is not something which is impossible and thus you may try out any or all the above options and see how they can make a difference in gearing up a professional start to your career. We may even choose to go through online Quiz created by Australian government which is really helpful in choosing the right career path based on our interest, personality and education and this is a great tool which offers great ideas for moms to help their kids to choose a right career path.

Explore the spiritual path to get to professional highway

Many of us are honestly scared of when it comes to our career planning and this is just because we are not sure what we wish to do and achieve in our life. The chaos and not so clear path puzzles us and confuses us more about what we wish to do with our life. Many people who wish to be a teacher later realise this is not something they wish to do and then they restart on what their actual passion or interest is once we get indications you had chosen wrong. Thus it really becomes difficult after few or many years to make a restart. Thus follow a simple approach and follow your instincts and recognise that you are good at. What kind of qualities do you have and what is your strength. You need to connect with yourself spiritually and ask self what is that makes you happy? What interests you? This is just like a small tree and to protect it you surround it with a fence so that the tree is safe and secured and at the same time can grow. This is exactly your career looks like where you need to safeguard and surround it with something that lets you feel safe and at the same time let you grow. So practice yoga, practice bhakti, recognise your inner potential, strength get stronger whatever you do and taste the sweetness of success, light and freedom and most importantly be happy and smile. Always choose a career and an opportunity where you can be with people, talk, learn, make mistakes, improve and grow rather than being on your own where it is only you who can measure what you are doing irrespective of correct or incorrect. If you look around you will find that even CEO’s of many organisations chose the path of spirituality and meditation to find answers too many problems and failures of their life and then they bounced back with a bang and the rest is history.

Remember when you meditate, connect with your inner self that is when you realise what the actual truth is. Many times or rather most of the times each one of us does something to make others happy but deep inside we know the real truth and this is something that we need to explore. We cannot be happy, contended and successful until and unless we are true to our own self and this is a bitter truth. So, explore and see what is that you wish to do, something that brings a big smile on our face irrespective of whatever job or work you to do and it doesn’t matter whether it is small or big but what matters is what values you do it with and what values it brings in your life. Hold back self at difficult times, wait, think, give your mind some rest and then take a decision what needs to be done. Take some time out and meditate and connect with your soul and mind and you will see you will get honest and satisfactory answers from within which will help you take right decisions in your life.

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