Can you hear me now? Finally, the answer can be yes!

The phrase “Can you hear me now?” has, unfortunately, become so pervasive in our world that it has permeated the zeitgeist. It is

  • Of course, the catchphrase of a famous series of television commercials, but also
  • A song by the band, The Score
  • The name of not one, but two different books, and
  • The title of a CSI episode as well as a Netflix sho

Why is that? Because, as we all know, weak Internet signals and dropped calls are far too commonplace.

But they don’t have to be.

One person who has solved this problem is artist and entrepreneur, Meri Cherry (and, as she says, yes, that really is her real name.)

Meri owns Meri Cherry Art Studio and Shop, in Los Angeles, California (Meri Cherry Art.) This is a great and unique business for all sorts of reasons, but one is that it is both analogue and digital at the same time, and it is in the digital area where she needed –  and got – help from a company called weBoost.

Here’s how: The studio hosts classes, toddler play groups, birthday parties, adult craft nights, mobile classes, and camps for kids of all ages. In the process of creating such a vibrant, unique business, they also created a committed community, and that is where the digital part of our story comes into play.

Says Meri, “We are constantly on the phone, booking parties and classes and fielding questions from our customers. We also have a robust online shop, so we need reliable internet.” Yet, despite how critical having a strong, dependable signal and connection is to their business, dropped calls and lagging Internet connections were an issue for Meri Cherry Art.

Meri explains: “Dropped called are the worst. We’ve had team members who have to call in for team meetings, especially in the past year or so when they can’t be in person, and having a poor signal or connection is really challenging. We are a fast moving train at Meri Cherry, and we don’t have time for poor connections.”

Especially when you consider that moms were calling in to check on their kids and Meri’s team was calling out to schedule meetings, appointments, Zooms, and classes, you can see how having an unreliable or weak Internet signal could wreak havoc.

They needed a solution.

Enter weBoost.

Meri was introduced to weBoost by a colleague and her thinking was that installing a weBoost signal booster would be a perfect answer to her team’s frustration with weak cell signals.

Did it work?

You bet, big time.

Says Meri, “Our experience with weBoost has been really great. The install was super turn-key and easy, and the unit isn’t even noticeable. We are loving our powerful signal. Goodbye dropped calls!” 

Indeed, weBoost Installed | Office 200 includes complete, professional installation anywhere in the US.

Meri also suggests that any small business can and should learn from her experience. What she discovered is that, “weBoost is a great solution to an unacceptable problem. Finding a powerful signal booster is a big step forward for ours, and any, small business.”

So yes, they can definitely hear Meri and her team now!

(For more information or to get your own weBoost, check out this page.)

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