Business Ideas For Starting Your Own Online Business

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Recently, it seems like everyone is working online. Whether they’re side-hustling in addition to a full-time job in an office, or they’re a mom working from home blogging, having a business online is a great way to make money. And it’s also not very expensive to get started, most of the time, as long as you know what you’re interested in doing and how to create a website that will attract customers. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial streak, and you’re talented at something, then you should definitely take the jump. If you’re not sure to start, then you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a list for you.

From blogging to consulting to teaching online, there are so many options out there. Check out this list to get inspired and see if one of these options works for you.

1. Start an ecommerce store

If you have a great business idea for a product, why not sell that product online? These days, so many businesses are selling products online that almost anyone can get started, and costs are lower than they used to be because you don’t have to pay for a storefront and shipping costs are down. Just remember to build an amazing website–after all, the experience to customers should feel like they’re walking into your store–and think about your niche audience when it comes to products you’re selling and how you’re presenting your business on social media. Considering that retail ecommerce sales worldwide were $2.8 trillion in 2018, you can do quite well.

2. Blog

If you’re good at writing, then becoming a blogger is a great way to make money. Brainstorm different topics you’re interested in, and figure out what many people would want to read about. If you aren’t sure what people want, check out online communities and see what people are more curious to learn about. For example, if you’re starting a blog about living in Paris, then you might want to focus on covering topics of interest to potential American expats thinking of moving there. Once you’ve started posting regularly, you can start making money by selling ad space or products of our own (such as information-packed ebooks). Remember that the average blog post length is 1,050 words, so write long-form content.

3. Teach online

If you’re a fluent speaker of English, then you can start a business teaching English as a foreign language online. It’s easy; all you need to do is get some experience with a company like VIPKID, get certified, and then create a website where potential customers can find you. (Blogs with tips about learning English will get lots of people visiting your page.) If you’re a teacher in anything else, you can also build a following, especially if you’re posting sample lessons on YouTube or giving away free ebook guides on your subject.

4. Become a consultant

If you’ve been working for a long time, and you’re specialized in something (say, investing), then you can become a consultant. All you need to do is set up a website with information about yourself and some rates, and start attending industry events and making connections. Don’t forget about the power of LinkedIn, either. This platform has over 575+ million users, and you can get lots of business there.

5. Become a vlogger

Do you love to live in the spotlight? Do you know your way around video editing software? Do you think you have information to offer the world? Then become a vlogger. Whether you’re posting videos of yourself playing video games or teaching makeup tutorials, once you get a following, you can get a lot of money from ads on YouTube.

6. Self-publish on Amazon

If you’re a good writer, or you’ve got a great deal of knowledge on something (for example, you’re a matchmaker), then it’s a great idea to self-publish on Amazon. Writing a book is hard work, so dedicate time to it every day and have a set schedule. Once it’s finished, you can turn it into a beautiful ebook, and then start selling it on Amazon. Remember to market it so that it gets the sales it deserves! In 2018, Amazon’s share of the US ecommerce market was 49 percent, so you’ll make lots of money once your book is popular.

7. Translation

If you know more than one language, then you can become a translator. If you have any prior writing or translation experience, this helps, but you can always get some experience on Upwork or working for free with a nonprofit to get some experience. You’re sure to do well, considering that the median pay for translators in the US in 2018 was $49,930.

These are some of the best online business ideas out there. What other online business ideas do you think would work?

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