Building Your Brand as a Freelancer

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Stepping into the competitive market as a freelancer is a bit complicated. You are up against companies and businesses that have been in the industry for years, where they have established themselves as BIG names, and have access to better resources, materials, and costs. If you are a freelancer and have the itch to begin your own business, do not be frightened or disheartened to work side-by-side with these institutions – because there was a time and a place where these big labeled companies were starting out too.

Brand Building 101: Getting Started

Now, the secret of becoming a successful business is how you present yourself to the world. In short, how you brand yourself in the market. There is a reason why you wanted to start your own business and it usually stems from your personal interests or noticing a demand for something that is lacking in the market. And even though your business is small, creating a new and unique brand will not only fill that void, but also, satisfy a specific audience.

What do you do?

In order to keep your business standing, you have to create a unique service with the skill you have chosen to perfect. Be it writing, painting, or capturing a moment through a photograph you have to own your talent, because your drive, passion, and expertise will be visible in your service, and that is what potential clients want to see.

To whom do you do it for?

Like what was said earlier, there is a reason as to why you decided to create your own business, one of which is to fill a void for an existing audience. You know that when an individual is looking for something that no one can provide, it is within that moment you can step in and take advantage of the situation.

Your service must be able to please all of their wants and needs in order to be successful. However, an audience’s demands are ever shifting, and keeping up with what they want can be proven difficult. Luckily, there are a number of sites that can aid you build a user-friendly page, so you can freely interact with your customers via chat or emails.

Brand Building 102: Name and Logo

Now that you know what to do and to whom you are doing it for, you need to have an image. Popular restaurants, businesses, and the like have integrated different themes and “personalities” in order to create the logos we know and love today. Some use bright colors and in-your-face fonts; others choose the simple route and kept it clean and traditional, while the rest added anthropomorphic creatures in order to stand-out against the rest of their competitors. Now you must do the same.

Remember, complimentary elements are keys to creating the perfect logo. A well-balanced amalgamation of your company’s name, shape, color, and the like, will definitely be an immediate eye-catcher.

Make Everything Unique

Yes, it is true that there are various big named companies that use similar logos and themes. As a freelancer however, it is in your best interest to avoid these mistakes. You want to be different from the rest, so be sure that when you think of your tagline, URL, brand name, selling proposition, and the like. Make it stand out so that anyone who brings up your business will hear something new and exciting, thus, wanting to know more about it.

Put Yourself in Everything You Do

In some cases, clients want you to follow everything to the letter, but this does not mean that you are losing your individuality in these projects. However, as a freelancer, you do want to put a little bit of yourself in your work. Progressing through this kind of relationship can be a bit tricky to get out of, but by branding you and your business correctly, a strong relationship between you and your client will be established in no time.

Once you are at that point, you will be able to add unique and personal content in your work, which can be easily recognized as your own by numerous people.

So remember, once you have stepped inside the competitive market, always be the one who stands out. Be the business that offers great services and unique content, for a certain audience, so that you will be able to satisfy whatever void needs to be filled. 

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