Branding and marketing – what is the difference?

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Branding and marketing – what is the difference?

If you are not an expert, the lines of what is branding and what is marketing can become blurred. The truth is that, although branding and marketing are linked, they are very different entities. In simple terms, branding is about who you are as a business, whereas marketing is about pushing a product or service.

Many businesses find it useful to consult experts such as Glenda Wynyard when they are uncertain about the roles of branding and marketing. After all, experts have the experience and expertise to put to use helping businesses to see the big picture. However, if you are developing branding and marketing strategies for your business, it helps to have a basic understanding of the difference between the two areas.

Branding – what is your business about?

The branding of your business has to come before marketing. Your brand is not the products that you sell, or the service you provide. It’s the ethos that is behind everything that you do. What are the goals of your business and what are its values?

It’s your branding which ultimately dictates your standing in the market. If people recognise your brand, and see that it’s reputable and strong, they are more likely to be loyal customers. They are also more likely to recommend you to other people. This does not mean that everyone who is engaged with your brand will buy every product. This is where marketing comes in.

Marketing – selling your products and services

A strong brand supports successful marketing. Whereas branding is all about presenting the truth of your business to the world, marketing is about getting people to invest in specific products or services. Once people are engaged with a brand, the role of a marketing strategy is to turn loyalty into sales. Brand identity should always be an integral part of marketing strategies and campaigns. People need to be able to associate the good reputation of brand with a product that is being advertised. This is why consistency is important when it comes to branding and advertising.

Following experts like Glenda Wynyard on Twitter can help people better understand the differences between marketing and branding, and provide insight into how they link. In simple terms branding should be visible in everything a business does; it’s a physical representation of what the business stands for. Marketing is the means by which a business entices people to buy its products or services. The two link together to determine the ongoing success of a business.

Developing a brand strategy is the first step that needs to be taken. Without this being done, a business is unable to bring its personality and values to its advertising campaigns because it has not fully identified what it stands for. Once people are aware of a strong brand they can then be attracted to various products and services by the use of marketing which includes content that is reflective of the brand. The result is increased sales, and improved profits, for the business.

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