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This site is two years in the making, and maybe 50. It began when the founding sponsor of this site, my now good pals at and I began talking two years ago about ways we might work together and assist our similar small business audiences. The end result of those discussions is the site you are on now. It is our sincere hope that you find content and offers to make your self-employment journey a healthy and successful one.

And too, the site might be 50 years in the making as, like you maybe, I grew up hoping to be my own boss someday. I started my first business after I left the big law firm with its big paycheck and big benefits. I started my own law practice and made a profit my very first month. But what I learned is that I liked running the business more than suing people. Fortunately, I don’t have to do the latter anymore.

In 1994, my first books were published, and in 1997, USA TODAY hired me to be their small business columnist, which I have done every week since then. In the ensuing years, I have not only been fortunate enough to write 15 books, and speak about entrepreneurship all over the world, but that I still get to be my own boss is the best.

So thank you for stopping by, and thank you to EHealthInsurance, Greatland, Elance, Verizon, and SCORE for having the vision to help start this site from Day 1. What I know, and want you to know, is that they all are dedicated to small business and the self-employed. They are committed to helping you succeed.

And so, after a long journey, here you are, and here we are.

As our tagline says, if we do our job right, yours just got easier.

Steve Strauss