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Why Blogging Is Good for Your Business

Undoubtedly you read your share of blogs, but even so, not a few self-employed people think that blogging is better read than done. That is, they would rather read a blog than write one.

Of course in some ways that is understandable. Blogging takes time and may not present immediate benefits. That said, upon closer inspection, not blogging is usually a dumb decision. The pros far outweigh the cons.

Indeed, blogging offers a way to communicate with the world in ways that were unheard of only a few years ago. It is a chance to – easily and immediately – create a more personal, interactive, human communication with your customers, potential customers, vendors, employees, and other people.

That is unique, and valuable.

Using Your Blog to Create a Bond With Customers

Prior to blogging, there were really very few ways to create that personal bond, especially with potential customers. If you did not meet them one-on-one, or speak with them over the phone, the only way they heard about you, typically, would be through your advertising and marketing.

But those are inherently impersonal vehicles.

Even more than social media in some ways, blogs then give you an opportunity to show who you and your business are in a much more up close and personal way, and that can create more customers, and more customer loyalty.

The Numerous Benefits to Creating a Blog for the Self-Employed

But blogs do a whole lot more these days than just offering you a way to communicate with potential customers in an informal way. Consider:

  • Blogs build a sense of community: By sharing your expertise in a blog, you connect with a lot more people. And as they respond to your posts, a community is created.
  • They allow you to plug products and services: But importantly, you are not doing so in an abrasive way. Using the conversational style that is the hallmark of a good blog allows you to share freelance business products in a friendly way.
  • They boost your search engine optimization (SEO): By their very nature, blogs incorporate the hallmarks of good SEO: keywords and links. And, as people respond to your blog, more keywords show up.
  • Blogs help make you an authority: Being published, even if it’s only your own blog, gives you gravitas.
  • Blogs give you valuable feedback: By seeing what customers say about your posts, your blog offers valuable feedback.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Business Blog

If this makes sense, and hopefully it does, then here are some tips for making the most of your blog:

Be frank: People read blogs to get an insight they would not normally have. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s blog does this well.

Be conversational: People like reading blogs to get a less formal view of the writer or business. The folks over at Duct Tape Marketing are great at this.

Be insightful: Try and give the people some information they would not otherwise have. Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends is good at this.

So, blog or get blogged down. The choice is yours!

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