Bill Maher’s Secrets to ‘Raking in the Dough’

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There is not a single person on this planet who would not want to be rich. Having money makes life so much easier for not only yourself, but your family and possibly your friends as well. Unfortunately, becoming a millionaire is not as easy as it sounds. While things like hard work and dedication are important, they can only get you so far. You need a few tips and tricks to get you started, and who better than a millionaire himself like Bill Maher.

Here are a few of his secrets to ‘raking in the dough’ and getting that lifestyle you always wanted.


Many people do not think to invest the money that they have. They put it away in the bank and it sits there for years not doing anything. Any millionaire will tell you that you should be using your money to make more money. How can you do that? By investing your money into stocks or bonds in a smart fashion, you can ensure that your money grows and brings in more money. The stock market is a great place to start. You must read into these stocks and learn about the companies you are going to invest in, as a faulty investment can cause you to lose all the money you have worked to build up. Follow stock trends, but do not be afraid to stray from the path if you have research showing that there is about to be a change in the market itself. Government bonds are another great way of building money. Purchasing bonds in a way is like purchasing future money. Fifty dollars today is worth more than fifty dollars tomorrow, however, sixty dollars tomorrow might comparatively be worth more.

Therefore, look into these bonds as a way to invest and collect money from the government at a later date. The last thing you can do is look into buying a stake in a company if you have the money. Bill Maher made a bold move of buying a share in the New York Mets and this money grew exponentially. You can read more about his deal and the benefits it brought him. He took a calculated risk that he thought would pay off and it did. In eight years alone, he turned twenty million dollars into eighty million dollars. This goes to show the power of investments and how you can ‘rake in the dough’ by making a few smart investments. Bill Maher made a ton of money through smart investments, and you can too with smart decisions.

Create Your Own Company

Creating your own company is a huge amount of work but it can have a huge payoff with determination and hard work. The first thing you need to establish is what your company will do. Look for something unique that is in demand regarding the current market. Next, figure out how you will advertise this and perform the service. Finally, once everything is running, expand your business accordingly to keep your profits maximized. The amazing thing about creating a successful company as well is that you can sell it at any point for a large sum of money if it is successful. If the CEO lifestyle is not for you, once your company gains enough traction, it can be sold off and you can retire earlier with a huge stack of cash. If you are hardworking, create your own company to help bring in the money.

Market and Network Yourself

There will always be thousands of other people who can do the same job as you if not better. Therefore, when looking for high paying jobs, you must do something to put yourself above the rest of the pack and make you a front runner for this position. Marketing yourself to notable people is essential for this. By working with notables whether it be for free or for a small fee, you are getting yourself in their good books. Word travels around quickly and you can soon find future employers being told about how great you were from previous experiences. While we would like to think that the job is always given to the most qualified out there, it is often given to someone who is trusted the most by an employer. Marketing yourself will give you that leg up on everyone else and help to secure a position that will help ‘rake in the dough’.

Bill Maher worked hard his whole life through acting and other business ventures to get where he is today. Be smart with your investments and look to invest frequently. Create your own company to bring power into your own hands, and finally network yourself with notable people so they can give you a good word in the future. How do you plan to make your first million?